Bigger Jerks: Guy in LeBron Heat Jersey or Cleveland Fans at Progressive Field?

This is such a tough debate to call. Who was the bigger jerk in Cleveland on Wednesday night? Matt Bellamy, the young kid who wore the LeBron James Heat jersey to the Indians/Yankees game in Cleveland, or the fans who harassed him with verbal expletives? In many senses, the guy was baiting the fans on purpose and knew what he was in for. In others, shouldn’t we still treat each other civilly regardless of which team we support?

At the very least you have to say it was wrong to throw the guy out of the stadium. That’s how over 70% of people felt in a poll conducted by Jimmy Traina in his Hot Clicks section at SI’s Extra Mustard. Hey, Bellamy may have been asking for some heckling and went against his girlfriend’s advice, but did he deserve to be thrown out of the stadium? No way. Now if you want to see the reaction from the Cleveland faithful, prepare to put on some earmuffs. This video of the fan wearing a LeBron Heat jersey to the Indians game has some language that is NSFW:

Fan Ejected for Wearing LeBron Heat Jersey [Hot Clicks]
Video Credit: YouTube user jb107502

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  • i was there

    The stupid fan should have been arrested for inciting to riot. If he and his ugly girlfriend showed up just to watch the ballgame, no harm no foul. He made sure everyone saw his shirt and he was rubbing it into 50,000 faces. He’s lucky he’s alive. he’s an idiot.

  • EASportsInDaGame

    He was thrown out for his own safety. I’ll never know why some, if not most, sports fans are such fanatics and take events so seriously. It’s entertainment!

  • http://shopddct.com C Sadler

    After seeing the video, the guy did seem to be egging on the crowd. But in no way, should these fans be this sensitive to a guy wearing a LeBron Heat jersey. You shouldn’t give a rip where LeBron plays now. He’s gone. All these fans saying they wish something would”ve happen to this guy and his girlfriend really shows how much class they have. To the fans who are crying over LeBron leaving and then taking it out on anyone/everyone who supports his decision…..Grow the F up!!!