Brian Wilson Meltdown Video – Beats up Gatorade Cooler Carlos Zambrano-Style

Closer Brian Wilson blew his second straight save chance for the Giants and he did not take it well. After giving up four hits and a walk against the seven batters he faced in Detroit Friday night, manager Bruce Bochy pulled him. Wilson reacted by busting up a Gatorade cooler like he were Carlos Zambrano or Carlos Perez. Check out the Brian Wilson meltdown video:

If there are any redeeming aspects of the meltdown, it’s that Wilson stuck to inanimate objects rather than his teammates, unlike Carlos Zambrano. It was also quite sweet of him to set the cooler back up after he was done busting it up.

You may have noticed that Wilson punched a cooler on the wall at one point. That’s an easy ticket to a hand injury, but that wasn’t the case, he says. “It’s fine. Ask the wall,” Wilson reportedly said about his hand after the game.

Then when asked if it would be difficult to watch highlights of him busting up the cooler, he gave a typical Brian Wilson response. “Why? … I mean, I squared [the cooler] up.”

Classic Brian Wilson. Maybe next time he should stick to lip syncing music videos in order to land on YouTube rather than meltdowns. And by the way, Jeremy Affeldt closed it out to preserve the win.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rylan-Kinnell/1132532771 Rylan Kinnell

    Laaaaaaaaaamme …i hit coolers with bats and it doesn’t even move…so tough. At least lumberjacks can take down trees poser.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CNXLR3RNCJ5LIKVTAZWOSJWGU craig

    What a jack ass freak – figures given his stupid tattoos – god bless the 20 something crowd of losers

  • Gene

    Imagine the mayhem if he and the Giants actually lost the game.  His tantrum was probably curtailed when the Giants turned a line drive into a game ending double play.

    It was amusing to see Bruce Bochy cowering on the other side of the dugout during the whole immature display.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Imagine if Wilson actually hurt himself punching the cooler …

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000084360173 Kkay Williams

    WOW was that a GROWN-UP TEMPER TANTRUM??  now what? sure all the kids that look up to him are going to be wondering ‘whats going to happen to him? wont he be in trouble?  cause if anyone of our sons or daughters pulled a number like that…OMG.. Not even the adults at a game…ANY GAME..would have been tolerated..UNEXCEPTAL WILSON!  You might be able to clean up the dugout and pay any damages but WHAT DO YOU SAY TO ALL YOUR FANS THAT CANT BELIEVE YOUR UNCALLED FOR SPORTSMANSHIP…YOU ARE A PART OF OUR TEAM…THE SF GIANTS..we do have a code of conduct right??? hey coach please tell me and my kids that he has some explainin to do and consinquinces for his UNEXCEPTAL BEHAVIOR..PLS..Im emparssed for my favorite team. but most of all his teammates WOW..K.W.

  • Anonymous

    Call it bad judgment or down right childish but in the moment it is what it is a melt down for failure we have made them our god’s they think they can act anyway they want. When Joe D kick dirt at second was out of frustration But like Reggie and Billy emotions tare part of the game take it too the Club House when they act this way the team should fine them. For it is embarrassing for the Origination letting People blow up like this The leader of the team needs to stop it right there and than.

  • Gene

    He probably would have received full pay while on the DL.  Such is the power of the union.