Bruce Bochy Really Wanted Sergio Romo on the NL All-Star Team

Bruce Bochy used a blatant bias when he picked the NL All-Star team. It’s something managers do and we understood it. What wasn’t cool was giving all his starters the night off while burning everyone else’s pitchers, but that’s a separate point. What is of concern is the disgusting depths of his homerism.

While pitchers like Tommy Hanson, Jordan Zimmerman, Daniel Hudson, and John Axford were left off the team AND fan vote, Bochy was busy considering adding his reliever Sergio Romo to the squad. Check out his little crib sheet that shows the players he considered for the fan vote (as shown during Showtime’s premiere of The Franchise):

Bruce Bochy for you, ladies and gentlemen. Bochy made no secret that he was going to reward his players, but I had no idea he would take it that far. He had meetings with Romo and Javier Lopez to let them know he tried to get them on the team but couldn’t make it work. Now we really know that’s a fact.

When we did our list of NL All-Star team snubs, Romo was not mentioned. About 20 other pitchers were on the list, but not Romo. This is the NL All-Star team, Bochy, not the All MLB Facial Hair Team. Get real.

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/4RWVDNG6J4NQKFNDNGW7PSBTXQ vickrum

    Bochy was a big homer with his selections, but have you actually looked at Romo’s numbers? His 13.4 K/9 is second among all NL pitchers, he leads the leaue in strikeout to walk ratio with 11.25 (the second highest reliever is Huston Street with 6.33), he’s tied for the second lowest WHIP in the national league with .76, and his ERA is just a tad over 2. Call out Bochy for his other All-Star decisions, but Romo would have been plenty deserving of an All-Star nod. The dude has put up video game numbers this year.