Chase Utley Tells New Yorkers **** You for Booing Him at Home Run Derby

Classic moment at the Home Run Derby introductions tonight. Chase Utley was the second player introduced by ESPN’s Chris Berman. I couldn’t really hear the crowd noise too clearly, but they must have been booing because it produced a pretty clear response from Utley:

Absolutely priceless. Maybe some guys would come across as jerks for that, but not Utley. Completely fits his persona.

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  • Marci

    I’m so proud of him!

  • http://www.soxaddict.org SoxAddict

    Ex-crackhead hitting an absurd amount of homeruns? Who cares.. Chase Utley telling booing New Yorkers to f themselves was easily my favorite part of the derby.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I agree, easily the best part.

  • http://bleedingblueandteal.com/ BBT Jon

    Wow, I didn’t even catch that watching it. Did they manage to bleep it out on the live broadcast? There was a lot of ones that they did catch while the hitters were actually hitting.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It went out over the air clearly on live air. I’m guessing they went on a delay after Utley burned em and that’s probably how they were able to bleep em out later on.

  • http://www.myspace.com/lacertabattuereadpax lizzylovesthea’s

    Utley is definitely one of my favorite players and for this I put him on top of my list!!! Dang it I missed this live!!! But still I love watching over and over. I’m glad they didn’t bleep it out, I hate ESPN anyways!


    Utley is a tremendous player but why in the hell would he feel the need to throw an F bomb when he plays in a crap city like Philly? The fans there have booed Mike Schmidt and Santa Claus for Christ Sakes! He is also a visiting player in the city of his team’s #1 rival! Buy a clue…

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