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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cheri Olvera, Chuck Knoblauch get Married

For those of you who are new to the case, Cheri Olvera is the ex-girlfriend of former All-Star Brian Giles. The two are in court settling a lawsuit raised by Olvera against Giles alleging breach of an oral and/or implied agreement they had while they were together, and domestic violence. The defense team at the law offices of James D. Scott have counter-sued, alleging abuse by Olvera (which is supported by this profanity-laced voice mail played in court). They’ve also argued that Olvera targets wealthy athletes to help support her desired lifestyle, which her engagement to former All-Star Chuck Knoblauch indicates.

To update you on matters, Olvera posted on her facebook page (displayed below) this week that the two are now married. She changed her last name to Knoblauch and changed her marital status from engaged to married. Their sudden marriage further supports her athlete-chasing ways, as did Mr. Knoblauch’s deposition that was played in court during the week.

During his deposition, Chuck listed some of the gifts he’s bought for Cheri during their time together. The list comes out to just shy of $50,000 based on Chuck’s estimates:

    – $3,500 for a heart necklace from Tiffany
    – $7,000-$8,000 for a bracelet from Cartier
    – $1,500 for a ring from Cartier matching the bracelet
    – $25,000 for a watch from Cartier
    – $10,000 for ear rings from Tiffany

He also got her a few handbags but didn’t recall their cost. Below is the confirmation of their marriage on facebook, and just by looking at that list of gifts, the warning stands: beware Chuck, beware. Let’s hope you did a prenup.

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