Controversy: Buster Posey Was Out at Second on Stolen Base (Picture)

It wouldn’t be the MLB Playoffs it there weren’t lots of controversies. From the ball to right field caught by Greg Golson but called a hit for the Twins to Michael Young’s check swing, we’ve already had our share of bad calls by the umpires. Perhaps the most controversial play was Buster Posey’s stolen base in Game 1 of the NLDS between the Giants and Braves.

Posey led off the 4th with a single off Derek Lowe. He stole second and was called safe, but replays show he was out. Posey later scored on a two out single by Cody Ross to bring in the game’s only run. The Giants won 1-0 to take Game 1, but this call will live in infamy. Here’s a picture showing Buster Posey was out at second on his stolen base:

Even with that call, Omar Infante should have made a play on Ross’ ground ball to end the inning so I still blame the Braves for allowing the run to score. They also couldn’t muster any offense against Tim Lincecum who was dominant with 14 strikeouts and only two hits allowed. Even if the game remained scoreless, Atlanta wasn’t winning anytime soon. Still, this play adds more credence to the sentiment that baseball needs instant replay to help out umpires with difficult calls.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFVMA2CW4DLN6XFWVN5BEKFUR4 rza west

    instead of pointing out that mlb needs replay why dont you create a post that offers solutions instead of being part of the problem by stating the obvious. you got time on your hands do it

  • Gene

    That game might still be going on if the call were correct, the way the pitchers on those teams were dealing. Kudos for getting both of the “iffy” issues (the bad call at second and the poor fielding job at third).

  • Gene

    He has. Look back over past columns and you will find them. Speaking of people sitting around and criticizing others without offering anything positive, you are right up there with the worst offenders.