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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Curtis Granderson angry after fan touches him; fan ejected (Video)

One Los Angeles Angels fan crossed the line on Friday night by reaching out to touch Curtis Granderson after the New York Mets outfielder made a play by the right field line, leading to the fan’s ejection.

Granderson was running down a fly ball out by J.B. Shuck in the bottom of the eighth and made the play by the right field foul pole. His momentum took him close to the wall, and as he spun around to throw the ball back to the infield, a fan reached out and touched his shoulder.

Curtis Granderson Angels fan

Granderson, who is typically very fan friendly, wheeled around immediately and let the fan have it. You could tell the fan was somewhat apologetic and backed off quickly, but a security guard came over anyway.

The Angels later confirmed that the fan was ejected.

I have no problem with what Granderson did. He was reacting based on instinct and of course was worried. You don’t want anyone touching your shoulder when you’re trying to throw the ball; one false move and you’re looking at a serious injury.

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