David Ortiz: Who is David Price? We whooped his ass

David OrtizDavid Ortiz is still steaming about the dust-up between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays last week that resulted in a six-game suspension for Sox pitcher Brandon Workman. Ortiz is furious that Price was not suspended after he almost certainly hit Big Papi on purpose, and we don’t blame him.

After the incident, Price said Ortiz has a tendency to “look like he’s bigger than the game of baseball.” The comment offended Ortiz, and he had no problem discussing it further on Wednesday.

“That ain’t me. I never overlook the game, you know?” Ortiz said, per WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford. “There’€™s never going to be a player bigger than the game. It doesn’t matter if you act like it, if you think you are or if people think that you are. It’€™s not true. Bigger than the game, nobody’€™s ever going to be. Know why? Because you come in, you play, you leave and the game continues.”

Big Papi then went off on Price once again.

“He just doesn’t understand that he’s not going to win all the time,” Ortiz said. “He’s carried that since last year when we whooped his ass. … It’€™s too bad that MLB sees the way he talked the day that he hit me and the way that he talked the next day and they still haven’€™t followed up with the rules.

“He basically said that he hit me on purpose, but I’€™m over that. I don’€™t really care about what he said. Who gives a [expletive]? Who is David Price? I don’€™t really care. I’€™m going to continue with what I do. Like it or not, it is what it is.”

Ortiz is one of the most well-liked players in baseball, hence his nickname Big Papi. He’s always smiling and joking with opponents when he reaches base, so it’s not as if he loves controversy. Should he let the feud with Price go? That’s probably in Boston’s best interest, but you can see why he’s upset the league didn’t punish Price. Either both pitchers should have been suspended or neither one.

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  • Jim Clark

    Papi’s a b*tch

  • rangerfan

    so is your mom

  • PapiFailedRoidTest

    Does Papi-roid think he’s the only player to ever get hit by a pitcher? BoSox players bean batters too. It’s baseball. Get over it.

  • Barry Fox

    Players are sounding like little cry babies. Most of today’s players would never have lasted a season when the Bob Gibson’s of the world were pitching. Hitters think that pitchers should throw batting practice pitches to them, god forbid if anyone comes inside on them. Or something that is worse than dying throwing at them.

  • Pas Se

    the ONLY reason papi is bigger than the game is STEROIDS

  • darcal

    Actually teams don’t throw inside on Ortiz enough. It obviously pisses him off as you can see, if I were an opponent I’d now do it more to get inside his head.

  • Ron Peacock

    Papi’s mad… of course maybe he should pay attention… Never saw him get mad when Pedro was plunking people (and he’s admitted that he never hit someone he didn’t mean to)… you don’t get it both ways cry baby. Also, Price didn’t get suspended because he hit him in the backside… Workman got suspended because he nearly hit Longoria in the head..Now I don’t care how hard you throw.. hitting someone in the butt will probably, 999 times out of 1000, that player not only will not be hurt.. but won’t even come out of the game… now the head, that can KILL… not just injure, or concuss.. but KILL…
    Then again, Ortiz may use a body cavity we can’t discuss public for a helmet.. it’s about the only thing big enough to fit.

  • David X

    Papi is turning into Lebron James

  • David X

    They don’t go inside because that’s his power stoke to right