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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Derek Jeter reportedly has ‘no cameras or phones’ policy at his home

Derek-Jeter-YankeesDerek Jeter is one of the most beloved athletes in New York, yet he has somehow managed to keep most of the details of his private life under wraps during his 18-year career with the Yankees. How has the captain managed to live a life of secrecy? The policy he has regarding electronics in his home has probably helped.

According to the NY Post’s Page Six, Jeter has a strict “no cameras of phones” policy for guests who enter his 30,000-square foot home in Tampa Bay, Fla. The home, which many call “St. Jetersburg,” has a basket near the entrance way so guests can leave their phones and other devices before proceeding.

“He points and says, ‘Phones go there,’ so no one can take pictures inside his house,” a source reportedly told the Post.

I can understand not wanting strangers in your house snapping photos, but I wonder how “strict” Jeter’s policy is. If you’re one of his best friends, are you not allowed to use your iPhone once you step past his front door? There have to be exceptions, right? Then again, maybe that’s why people are always left guessing about Jeter’s girlfriends and ending up wrong.

Thanks to LBS tipster David

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