Dodger Fans Boo Frank McCourt During Joe Torre Farewell Speech

The Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 3-1 on Sunday to end their season. Joe Torre finished his last year as the team’s manager with an unimpressive 80-82 record and he gave his farewell to the fans following the disappointing year.

The Dodgers were coming off two straight NLCS appearances and widely expected to compete for the division crown. Instead, GM Ned Colletti’s hands were tied in the off-season and he was unable to buy any necessary pitching to help the team. He criticized star Matt Kemp early in the season and sent the young slugger into a spiral. Manny Ramirez was on the disabled list three times and had a bust of a season. Andre Ethier started off like a stud then broke his pinkie. Closer Jonathan Broxton was overused and lost his job. For all the accolades the highly acclaimed manager receives, he only led the Dodgers to an 80-82 year.

Perhaps the whole spirit of the season was ruined by the pending divorce case between Frank and Jamie McCourt. While the two are fighting for custody of the team, we’ve found out that they took millions out of the team to finance their personal lifestyle. I’ve been hammering the Dodgers for years over their cheap ways, but it took the divorce case for most fans to realize how awful Frank McCourt has been as an owner.

Let’s do the list: doubled ticket prices, doubled parking prices, hired a psychic for hundreds of thousands per season, paid their sons hundreds of thousands for not working for the team, and took over $100 million from the franchise for themselves. Fans finally have caught on and gave McCourt the only type of salute he deserves: the call of the boo bird. Check out Joe Torre’s farewell speech and listen at the 32 second mark for the boos:

Frank should take a cue and stop fighting for the Dodgers. The fans are sick of him and don’t want him as the owner any longer. Maybe MLB can do something about the situation because he clearly is not fit to be the owner of a big-market team, let alone any baseball team.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IDEI2M7EZXWDPEQ2XJLW3QVXPQ Highkicky

    I wasn’t real thrilled about that. Here’s me cutting a pasting what I posted on facebook:

    *A little disappointed in Dodger fans, booing McCourt. I totally understand the frustration, believe me. But I beg you to keep in mind that at the heart of this is a man whose family has been torn apart. I can’t bring myself to judge him. I know at times it’s difficult to relate to the wealthy, but just remember that money can’t buy any of the things that matter the most. And thats precisely where he’s been hit.*

  • Gene

    Sorry, I’m not buying. McCourt pulled most of his antics long before a divorce loomed on the horizon. If there were no divorce, we the fans would not be aware of half of the shenanigans he and Jamie pulled. In fact, it is comical how each claims to be the big shot with the Dodgers and then blames the other for the price gouging, etc.

    I am very sorry the McCourts are getting a divorce because they are one couple that certainly deserves each other.