John Wall Throws Embarrassing First Pitch at Nats Game (Video)

We’ve seen plenty of bad honorary first pitches thrown at baseball games, and this one by Wizards point guard John Wall is up with the worst of them. Observe:

It’s amazing that someone who can throw passes as pretty as this and dance like an Usher clone can be so terrible at throwing a baseball.

Forearm bash to The Nats Enquirer and New Era Radio

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  • Anonymous

    Wall threw it just like our right fielder, Kimber, did back when I was 9 years old in Little League.   You should have seen Kimber bat.  Kimber used the “swatting at a butterfly” style of hitting.  No one knew what to do with him.  

  • Gene

    It was pretty much in the same class with President Obama’s first pitch, which did not get the bad publicity it deserved.