Jon Lester used Vaseline on his glove? Cardinals minor league pitcher Tyler Melling thinks so


UPDATE (12:15 p.m.): An MLB official has addressed the Lester accusations.

UPDATE (1:02 p.m.): Cardinals GM John Mozeliak shares his thought’s on Lester’s glove.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester turned in a phenomenal outing against the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday night, but some are accusing him of cheating. Tyler Melling, a pitcher who plays ball in the Cards’ minor league system, posted a photo during the game that has caused some speculation.

Melling later deleted his tweet, which I assume was done per the request of the organization.

The only thing we can really see is that there is a discoloration between the thumb and webbing of the glove. It’s hard to tell if there’s some sort of substance there or if the leather is simply wearing out at that particular spot. Another Twitter user pointed out that Lester appeared to touch that part of his glove before gripping the ball in the 7th inning.

Naturally, Twitter has already begun buzzing about Lester cheating and putting Vaseline or pine tar on the baseball during his impressive 7 2/3 innings. Fellow Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz was accused of using some sort of substance to doctor the baseball earlier this season, so this is not uncharted territory for Boston. It will be interesting to see if we are given an explanation from Lester or the team on Thursday.

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Photo via Twitter user @sashmeister

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  • TheDDG

    Wow, your prognostications are roughly on-par with your ability to stay on point! Bravo, big fella!

  • jea

    He was probably using vaseline then too. He’s a cheater.

  • jea

    wear and tear on the leather? Really? Is that your final answer? LOL. Cardinals had one of the two best offenses in baseball so your comment about them being overrated just makes you look stupid. How does one score runs through random statistical flukiness anyway? You say it’s been covered elsewhere. My guess it was covered in Mental Institution Monthly Magazine. LOL

  • Steve Smithwick

    By having few baserunners, few hits, and an abnormally high batting average with runners in scoring position. It’s not a difficult concept.

    Oh btw, the way the Cardinals offense played in the WS completely proves my point. Their batting average with runners in scoring position regressed to the mean (IE: They stopped being lucky and the real world kicked in) and a vastly superior Red Sox staff blew right through them.

    And yeah- Jon Lester didn’t have to cheat to mow down the inferior St. Louis lineup. They didn’t have what it would take to do real damage to him… on their very best day.

  • jea

    Other than Ortiz, the Red Sox were hitting below the Mendoza line for god’s sake. I never claimed the Cardinals were a consistently great hitting team, onyx that they were on of the top two offensive teams in MLB. Those are just facts. Lester clearly cheated but the Sox other pitchers pitched well. Had the Cardinals played to their potential they would have taken it easily. As it was, playing like crap they pushed them to six games. You should feel fortunate that the Cardinals didn’t play well. You don’t win 97 games by being lucky. If that’s your argument, you should really pick another sport to follow. A comment like that just makes you look foolish.

  • jea

    Um, 5 years ago? Really? LOL.