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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Jose Canseco Flips on a Guy for Saying Nobody Cares About Him (Video)

Jose Canseco was with two young ladies leaving some place recently in his nice car. We don’t really know from where he was coming, but that is hardly important.  What is important is how hilarious the exchange was that he had with a man who yelled something that irritated him. 

Jose was approached before getting into his car with the aforementioned ladies and was nice enough (although he was somewhat of a dink to the guy who asked for a picture) to sign a couple autographs before leaving.  That’s when someone decided to let him know that nobody cares about him. Ever seen the movie Hancock where Will Smith hates being called a psycho? I get the feeling that’s how Jose feels about someone saying nobody cares about him.

Classic. Human feces, NO balls. How long has he had that insult in the holster?  When you’re an admitted steroid-user who has been involved with celebrity boxing scams and loses fights to 60-year-old men, don’t hecklers just kind of come with the territory? Apparently Canseco was in no mood to be insulted. Thank goodness for that.

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