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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Juan Uribe plays mini guitar in Dodgers clubhouse for money (Video)

Juan Uribe guitarYasiel Puig posts a lot of random stuff on his Instagram account, and most of it is kind of useless. It’s usually him sightseeing or at events, and the captions are almost always written by one of his handlers. But once in a while he comes up with a gem, like this one.

Behold fresh video from inside the Dodgers’ clubhouse of Puig’s teammate, Juan Uribe, strumming a mini-guitar. The best part is how he had a hat out in front of the guitar like he was a poor vagabond begging for money in the streets.

You could probably make some pretty good money in an MLB clubhouse just doing that for tips. Though most people were probably tipping Uribe just to have him shut up.

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