Juan Uribe Makes San Francisco Enemies by Joining Rival Dodgers

Boo-Ree-Bay will be the sound billowing from AT&T Park when Juan Uribe makes his return to the city by the bay. I can almost hear it now.

One of the most beloved Giants from the 2010 World Series team has signed a three-year, $21 million dollar deal with the Giants biggest rivals, the Dodgers. The three years were more than the Giants were willing to give him, although Giants General Manager Brian Sabean claims otherwise, so Juan is taking his talents to LA. He presumably will take over at second base as the Dodgers cleared the way by trading away incumbent infielder Ryan Theriot.

Juan Uribe fit in well with the 2010 Giants who were nicknamed the “Misfits.” Uribe joined the team in 2009 after the Chicago White Sox let him go to clear space for Alexei Ramirez. The Giants gave him a shot initially on a minor league deal and he quickly proved he could still play. Capable of playing shortstop, third base, and second base, Uribe developed into a critical asset for the Giants. This past season he had a tremendous year hitting 24 home runs with 85 RBIs.

However, if not for the risk on him taken by the Giants, would Uribe have ever been in position to sign his first multi-year free agent deal? My guess is probably not. In the age of free agency it is rare to see players who have loyalty to an organization. But, the Dodgers? In the minds of many Giants fans it is unforgivable for Juan to join the hated blue.

Uribe will always be remembered for his contributions to the first San Francisco World Series, but he is now a member of the enemy.  BOOO-REE-BAY will ring loudly in the Bay.

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  • Anonymous

    I hate the Dodgers, but I will NEVER boo Uribe. He will always be remembered as a good Giant. He helped us in 2010 with many clutch hits both in the regular season and in the playoffs.

    Uribe see’s the handwriting on the wall. His career is winding down and he had a great opportunity to make good money over the next three years in a division that he is familiar with. Great move Uribe and thank you for helping this grateful fan see the Giants win their first title in San Francisco.

  • Anonymous

    It really is a shame he didn’t go back to the Giants. Now that the Giants are down a quality infielder, I foresee a long year of being forced to tolerate Sandoval’s sub-par defense and frustratingly streaky hitting. The guy might sell hats, but he’s a long shot from being the keystone to the ‘ship that Uribe is and was. Hopefully with the money the Giants saved by not signing Uribe to a deal similar to the one he took with LA they can afford to put the BIG Panda into Jenny Craig so he can lose some of that extra person he carries around his midsection.