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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Kyna Treacy, the bikini model Alex Rodriguez allegedly hit on, was in a commercial (Video)

Alex Rodriguez doesn’t always ask fans for their phone number when his team is trailing in the eighth inning of a playoff game. But when he does, he makes sure they’re bikini models. After a story that was published in the NY Post indicated that A-Rod was flirting with a fan during Game 1 of the ALCS, it was later revealed that the lovely lady was Australian bikini model Kyna Treacy.

In Rodriguez’s defense, the 33-year-old model is very attractive as you can see from the Air Pacific ad above that she appeared in back in 2009. According to the Post, Treacy was at the game with her friend Kate Quinn. Kyna posted the following photo on Instagram of her and Quinn holding baseballs. It’s assumed that those are the balls A-Rod was using as his notepad.

If you ask Donald Trump, Treacy should stay as far away from A-Rod as possible. For starters he has a girlfriend — although she doesn’t seem to care about the flirting rumors. On top of that, Trump thinks he’s a useless player who deserves to have his contract terminated. If it’s money that Kyna is after, perhaps The Donald would be willing to give her a portion of his fortune just to keep her away from his least favorite player.

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