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Sunday, May 27, 2018

LaTroy Hawkins hit in the baby maker by grounder while not wearing cup (Video)

LaTroy-Hawkins-nut-shotNew York Mets reliever LaTroy Hawkins blew a save against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday night, but he had one of the most legitimate excuses possible. Prior to Andre Ethier’s game-tying home run in the bottom of the ninth, Hawkins took a ground ball directly to the groin.

To make matters worse, several Dodgers and Mets reporters noted that Hawkins said he was not wearing a cup. He said after the game that the pain was excruciating and described the grounder as a “DIRECT HIT” that he did not get any part of his glove on. Hawkins also added this gem when asked about the play.

A lot of pitchers choose to not wear cups because they are uncomfortable, but Hawkins admitted after the game that he may reconsider that line of thought. In fact, there are even some position players who take the risk. At least that umpire who recently took a bad shot to the nuts was wearing protection.

And with that, the Dodgers — who have won their last eight in a row and 23 out of 26 since the All-Star break — continue to find ways to get the job done.

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