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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Marty Brennaman goes off about Joey Votto’s contract

A few years ago, Joey Votto signed a massive contract extension with the Reds worth over $200 million, one that team broadcaster Marty Brennaman feels was a mistake.

Brennaman, who has been a Reds broadcaster since 1974, was a host on a Cincinnati Reds radio show on WLW when a caller asked what kind of impact Votto’s deal has had on the Reds. That’s when Brennaman began to gather steam. After the caller brought up Bryce Harper’s name, Brennaman erupted. Take a listen below.

Brennaman is certainly entitled to his opinion and he was not shy about telling us how he felt.

You can obviously make the argument that there are numerous contracts in baseball that aren’t good ones for the teams involved, like the deal Albert Pujols signed with the Angels. That said, Votto has been the Reds’ best player for nearly a decade, won an MVP award while with the team (before signing the extension), made four All-Star teams, and has posted some other insane statistics.

The Reds have not performed well over the last few years (208-278 since 2014). That said, they have bigger issues than Votto’s contract considering he has largely performed well in relation to what he has been paid annually to this point. Unfortunately, as the highest paid player (his deal came to 12 years for $251.5 million), Votto will always have a target on his back, fair or unfair.

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