Matt Kemp got a massive chest tattoo of a portrait of his grandparents (Picture)


Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp recently paid tribute to his grandmother and late grandfather with a massive tattoo on his chest. The artwork was done by a 23-year-old tattoo artist named Jun Cha, and as you can see he is incredibly talented. Kemp tweeted the photo you see above over the weekend with the following message:

“If it wasn’t for my grandparents I wouldn’t b where I’m at 2day!”

Here is a closer look at the amount of detail that went into the portrait, via Jun Cha’s website.


Kemp’s grandfather, Vincent Mukes, died in November. His grandmother, Doris, said a few years ago she didn’t like all of her grandson’s tattoos.

“I tell him, ‘You’ve got this beautiful body, and you mar it all up,'” Mukes told Sports Illustrated in 2011.

We’ve shown you some detailed tattoos over the years here at LBS (many of which are extremely disturbing), but Kemp’s is easily one of the most amazing.

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  • 735jamesp

    Kemp is an idot! Just goes to show that there is truth in the adage, “a fool and his money”. How many of the undernourished around the world could that money have saved!!!

  • itsnotyourmoney

    I bet you voted for Obama 735jamesp!

  • 735jamesp

    Ah yes, Obama!, a bigger fool and OUR money!! You have me wrong! I have a distaste for disingenuous people. You know, the “star athletes”,  the low life movie stars, cheapo politicians that show up at disasters for the photo-ops but do absolutely nothing to help. Kemp could honor his family by donating to St. Judes, Kosair Children’s Hospital, Shriners Children’s Hospital, etc., in their name rather than feeding his ego! Not just him but all overpaid ego-manics.