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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

MLB Blocking Fans from Buying ‘Chapter 11’ Dodgers Jerseys

Those of us who are not Los Angeles Dodgers fans find the situation in L.A. to be pretty humorous. The McCourt family’s soap opera has rapidly turned into a four-star comedy — or tragedy depending on your stance.  As baseball fans we’re used to teams like the Pirates and Padres struggling to bring in revenue and maintain a decent roster.  However, the concept of a team like the Dodgers not being able to make payroll is mind-boggling.

Considering the MLB is the same league that pulls videos off YouTube within minutes to prevent people from enjoying them, it should come as no surprise that they are trying to limit fans from having fun at the Dodgers’ expense.  As our friends over at Busted Coverage discovered, MLB.com will not allow you to customize a Dodgers jersey with the No. 11 on the back and the name “Chapter.”  Get it?  Pretty clever if you ask me.

Trying to customize a Chapter 11 jersey leads to an error message that says, “Your current entry cannot be processed. Language deemed inappropriate, derogatory, or profane will not be accepted. Please create a new entry.” I wasn’t aware that the word “chapter” was derogatory, inappropriate, or profane. Just to give you some perspective, I attempted to customize a jersey with the name “Swallows” on the back and the No. 69. No problems with that one.

If there is anyone out there with the last name Chapter, I would encourage you to bring a lawsuit against Major League Baseball. Sports organizations have been sued for a lot less, and the McCourts should be embarrassed by what they’ve done with the Dodgers. Why shouldn’t fans be allowed to make fun of them in an extremely witty fashion? Damn you, Bud Selig.

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