Nate McLouth barely misses out on home run off foul pole (Video)

The Orioles missed tying Game 5 of the ALDS against the Yankees by inches when umpires ruled that a fly ball hit by left fielder Nate McLouth was foul.

McLouth was batting in the top of the sixth with the Orioles down 1-0 went he blasted a 3-1 pitch deep down the right field line. The ball seemed to be foul, but then it started curving toward the pole at the last second.

The initial call by the right field umpire was that the ball was foul. The umpires gathered to review the play using instant replay, and let the original call on the field stand. McLouth struck out on the next pitch.

Later in the game, TBS sideline reporter Craig Sager says he spoke with an usher who believed the ball “nicked” the foul pole.

Replays were inconclusive, but after seeing zoomed-in, spot-shadowed looks on TBS, I believe it did touch the pole. The trajectory of the ball changed as it got to the pole.

Instead of being tied 1-1, the Orioles remained down 1-0 and didn’t get on the board until the eighth inning. They lost the game 3-1, and the Yankees advanced to the ALCS.

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  • SpinMax

    Great bigtime debut for instant replay

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ABUOAV2KBHY6RLLDLQZ36EJ3AU Paladin

    So what! did not mean a thing

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RZSQCZMWITZ7MCZPBKSUP5GXD4 Tom_Effing_Humbug

     Um, the used instant replay.

  • Sergey Bezprozvannyy

    It’s ridiculous. They showed this replay many times. You cannot tell if it hit the pole with any certainty. It was inconclusive and the call stood. Maybe they need to put a camera on the poles next time for better views. As is, the call was spot on.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/mortgagemagic1 David Gold

    once again, some nobody , has nothing to write, but tries to be relevent.
    go get a real job.  i here McDonalds is hiring 

  • locksey2

    Don’t you find it pathetic when an aging sports columnist has to drum up interest in something that isn’t provable or even THERE, simply to try to remain relevant?

  • E. J.

    It was foul , the umpire called it foul and the replay proved it correct. When the ball hit’s the fair pole it changes direction. When a left hander hits a ball down the right field line it doesn’t slice it hooks. The ball was foul. Take a look at pitch f/x and see how many strike calls out of the strike zone Hammel got (6) in comparison to Sabbathia (1) and Sabbathia pitched all 9 innings.

  • yankeefanmdg4

    If you look at the replay with the view from home plate, you can see that when the ball appears to possibly hit the pole, it is far down the pole. When you look at the side view, the ball passed the pole higher up where if you go back to the home plate view…the ball is clearly 100%…FOUL. I’m really suprised this is even an argument…did nobody else really think of this?

  • Sarge2622

    I guess Larry did not see the instant replay from the blimp. it CLEARLY showed the ball sail past the foul pole without touching it. Get a life. The only controversy would be if it were ruled a home run. Shame on Fox Sports for making this one of their headlines. 

  • snel13

    Nothing controversial at all about the call – they got it right

  • rooster921

    Who cares.  An USHER said it MIGHT have nicked the pole.  The announcers immediately said foul, McClouth immediately turned and started to walk back toward home plate and the same guy, Sager, said there was no yellow smudge on the ball.  Yankees didn’t get a break.  The replay rule worked correctly.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DD4HR73MD3JXS5EUQZ2IGZKUYU Rich

     & managed to blow the call when the one angle to the right side showed the trajectory changed on contact with the pole.  So glad we have “instant replay!” (sic)

  • Tim hawkins

    What the Bleep are some of you guys looking at!? The zoom in shot clearly shows the ball hitting the pole and changing direction. The Yankee’s once again get the break!

  • Tim hawkins

    What the bleep do we even have reply for?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Spero/100000208592110 Frank Spero

    your ASS it did not waver as it went by about a foot asswipe

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Spero/100000208592110 Frank Spero

    what direction was that closer to the right you asshole i saw it too it misedby about atleast a foot

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4TDI755MNAZVIFWTRGQ3Y6SCGY Greg

    #1  Fox Tracks or Pitch Tracks or  3-d Tracks should be shown as a 3-dimensional
    image of a 3 dimensional strike zone or 3-d plate shaped image. This could be shown as a hologram or visualized like an engineering type drawing of the
    plate shaped strike zone ie. width , depth and height of each particular strike zone
    depending on each hitter as hitters come in many sizes. Years ago they used to have a camera above the plate to capture a shot of the ball actually passing the plate.

  • Jeff Young

    I’ll tell you how you can know this call was right – it was CLEARLY foul. In the close up of the pick above – look at the height of the ball relative to the stands. It’s right about at the lighted scoreboard on the middle tier of the stands. When the other angle of the replay was shown – lining up the ball and the foul pole, when the ball reaches a point even below that (below the same middle tier scoreboard) it is about 1-2 feet to the right of the pole. Then it continues down (past the pole). Ernie “goofball” missed this obvious point. All one has to do is look at the height of the ball in both replay angles and it becomes pretty clear. It never touched the pole.