Nomar Garciappara Appears Nervous About 2003 Steroids List

The A’s were in Boston to finish up their series with the Red Sox Thursday when the David Ortiz/Manny Ramirez report emerged. Naturally NESN went over to the Oakland clubhouse after the game to get the thoughts of Nomar Garciaparra who was a teammate of both Manny and Papi in Boston during the 2003 season. And let me tell you something, Nomar was nervous, uncomfortable, fidgety, and overall looking guilty when discussing the ’03 testing list. Check out the video:

In case you can’t watch the video, Nomar says the list was a joke and that since it was supposed to be sealed by the grand jury that it would be viewed as inadmissible evidence in the courts. He said guys who wanted testing didn’t take the test on purpose so that the percentage of positive tests would go up. He was questioning the legitmacy of the list, stressed it was supposed to be anonymous, and he overall seemed to be defending himself as if he were one of the guilty parties on the list. I don’t think anyone would be surprised to find out if he were. How else do you tear a muscle completing off the bone?

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  • YankeesChick42

    You apparently don’t watch many Nomar Garciaparra interviews. He always looks like that. He’s not one of those guys that interviews well and I think you made a rather jaded assessment of his overall interview. Everyone has made up their minds about guys they are just certain that are on that list so no matter what any of them say fans will tar and feather them. I didn’t get the feeling he was trying to defend himself but more warn against a lynch mob…ooops, too late. For those who can’t watch the video, read the damn thing yourselves here: http://fullcount.weei.com/sports/boston/baseball/red-sox/2009/07/30/nomar-garciaparra-david-ortiz-steroids-2003-list/
    And you can tear a muscle away from the bone in anything you do, btw. Falling down a flight of stairs, twisting an ankle…I can’t tell you how many cases I see come through the ER on a nightly basis but then again, anyone who boasts stories like “Tony Romo’s Ladies” or “Brian Urlacher boob-grab photo” doesn’t appear to be that much interested in truth unless he came up with it himself.

  • anders(on) Varejao

    When I saw this earlier I said exactly the same thing Larry. Someone is nervous and hedging his bets for when his name is revealed. This way he has always claimed that the list is a joke.

    As someone who watched Nomar interviews for a few years here in LA. He indeed does seem a little more on edge than usual.