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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ozzie Guillen Is a Hall of Famer

This is just pure Ozzie brilliance. There really is nobody like him. And I can’t help but take enjoyment in the White Sox struggles because I know they will result in better and better press conferences. On the other hand, they can’t lose too much, because I don’t want Ozzie’s job in jeopardy. This is quite the quandary. Amongst the highlights from Tuesday night’s rant following the 7-5 loss to the Marlins: Ozzie’s tired of being a ru-ru guy (his version of ra-ra I guess), Ozzie wants the players to take some blame, every move Ozzie makes is the wrong move, and Ozzie thinks the players should apologize to the fans for sucking. I have transcribed my favorite selections from the post-game press conference.

I’m tired to be positive. I’m tired to be the roo-roo guy, lets go lets go lets go.

They blaming on the coaching staff, they blaming on Ozzie, they blaming on the pitching coach, they blaming on Kenny, they blaming on Jerry, blame it on the players too. They don’t even blame the right people. This is the same ballclub we had in 2005. Blame the players too.

Every move I’ve been making so far is the wrong one. Why? Because they no support me doing the things they’re supposed to do. You thought I was a good manager? Well look at me now. I’m not that good. You as good as your players are.

We have to apologize to the fans that show up and watch this team. Because I’m tired to watch this day-in and day-out.

I swear, the day Ozzie gets the chop is the day I will mourn the loss of a Hall of Famer. Long live Ozzie. Viva El Guillen!

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