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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ozzie Guillen Rants About White Sox Bullpen, Summons Bobby Thigpen

The Chicago White Sox blew a 4-1 lead in the 9th inning of Wednesday’s game with the A’s, and they gave up three more the next inning to lose the game. Collectively, the Sox have a 6.14 ERA as a bullpen, with closers Matt Thornton and Chris Sale combining to post a 7.50 ERA. Though Chicago is still 7-5 thanks to their prolific offense, manager Ozzie Guillen is struggling to find a closer for his team which has led to our first official Ozzie moment of the season. Frustrated with the line of questioning from the media after the game, Ozzie let loose.

The Chicago Tribune also provided the transcription, “I see the same (stuff) you guys see. Exactly same (stuff),” Ozzie said. Then he got nostalgic about his closer solution, saying “I might call Bobby Thigpen to help us. You know why? When we play good, they send those guys to this damn table and (you) talk to them like heroes. When we (mess) it up, I’m the one who has to … sit here and talk to you guys.”

The Trib has a video that shows Ozzie much more supportive of his pen compared to this truncated clip. Ozzie was probably upset about being asked why he put Chris Sale in a day after he threw over 30 pitches. But it’s not like Matt Thorton did any better when he came in afterwards, so Ozzie was pretty much screwed either way. There’s only one person liking things in Chicago right now, and it’s Bobby Jenks. OK I lied, we at LBS love it too. Just like when Ozzie said this, this, and this. Dude is an LBS Hall of Famer for life.

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