Padres Set Record for Most Dogs in Pet Costume Parade

Of all the Guinness World Records we’ve written about here at LBS, this is one of our favorites. The Padres set a Guinness World Record for most dogs in a pet costume parade. No joke. Check it out:

337 dogs showed up for the Padres’ annual “Dog Days of Summer” event. In addition to the costume party, dogs had the opportunity to participate in a pre-game “tail” gate party where prizes were awarded to the best-dressed dogs. Seriously, these pooches in costumes looked better than all the Angels fans wearing wrestling masks and the Rangers fans wearing their sunglasses to set records.

My favorite was the dog that had the glove attached to its back. Probably could play the outfield better than Juan Rivera.

Here are more pictures of the canine takeover:

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1836593290 Joanie Brandt

    I agree with you Larry that this is one of the best “going for the record” contests around.  What a great idea to have a Padre “Dog Days of Summer” event and have the dogs show up in costume this year.  The “tail” gate party and then the parade were excellent ideas…..with the pooch with the glove on his back, being perfect!!!  People, pooches and the Padres:  what more could one ask for?  Way to go Padres!!!!  Sounds like Perfection to me!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HNUASZNV2TNPHY45SSAVJYI4JE Robert

    My Padres also set the record this year for most dogs in the lineup.