Rangers fan ejected after refusing to stop waving Texas flag, and Victor Rojas’ commentary was hilarious (Video)

A fan was ejected from the Rangers-Angels game on Wednesday night for causing a disturbance in the outfield seats, and the entire ordeal irritated Angels announcer Victor Rojas who providing hilarious commentary.

The fan was sitting to the right of center field and was addressed by an usher at the urging of third-base umpire Tim Reynolds during the top of the 10th inning. The fan was waving a Texas state flag and also operating his camera with the flash on, and he was told to stop doing both.

The fan seemed to view everything as a joke at first, but the umpire didn’t find his refusal to remove the flag to be very funny. After being warned, the fan hung the flag over the railing and the umpire pointed out to center field again, this time resulting in the fan’s ejection.

“Explain to your kids on the drive home why you got kicked out,” said Rojas, embodying the feelings of annoyed spectators everywhere.

Served the fan right that he missed the Rangers’ impressive comeback in the bottom of the inning. What a dunce.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4MM6B6PLQNXFVQQJI5GDWRAV4Q Burke

    Kicking out a fan that paid money for a seat? Ridiculous. Take away the flag and tell him not to repeat the action first but that’s overkill.

  • C_3PO

     Kicking out a fan who justifies acting like an entitled moron because he paid for his seat?  That’s just common sense, Burke.  If they ask you to put the flag away, don’t try to throw the last jab by hanging the flag on the railing and slumping in your seat with arms folded like a pouting 12-year-old girl.

  • http://twitter.com/lbjonz Ben Talmadge

    Why did they let him into the stadium with the flag in the first place? What do they think he’s going to do with it? Use it as a cape? Stupid.

  • jerryg770

    He had a flashlight on him, and was pointing that towards the Angels batters.  He was doing this for a few innings until the umps first noticed it.  It wasn’t just the flag.

  • BobbyBarker

    Well, golly gee, they’d only scored eight runs to that point so it’s not like it caused them any problems hitting the ball.

  • PonderingAG

    He’s a die hard Texas Rangers fan and been doing it for years…Does anyone watch basketball and what goes on behind the  back board in the stands to distract the player shooting a free throw?  Give me a break, the umpire and Angels should get over it and grow up…Next thing you know they’ll ask everyone to put a muzzle on cheering as it may be a possible distraction…

  • 13652buster

    I know the person who was kicked out last. He’s been sitttng in those exact same seats and bringing that exact same flag to every game for 11 years. It’s rediculous that they kicked him out.  Security even told him he’s allowed to bring the flag back to the next game. You people don’t have a clue what happened and you comment like you were in stadium sitting next him.  Keep your ridiclous comments to yourself unless you know all the facts

  • http://twitter.com/geraldsaul R Gerald Saul

     Doesn’t matter how long he’s been doing it, if the umpire felt it was a distraction to the play on the field, he’s completely within his rights to ask the home team to do something about it.