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Monday, April 23, 2018

Terry Francona Gives Ortiz, Drew Home Run Sign, Move Pays Off

You remember that movie Forest Gump? It was based on a book called Being There. Also known as the Terry Francona story. That dude has just totally been along for the ride during the Red Sox success the past few years which includes a pair of World Series titles. How hard is it to pencil in Josh Beckett and Curt Schilling’s name in the lineup card and just say, “Well, all we need is one run tonight thank you very much.” Honestly, if Thursday night’s Game 5 comeback by the Red Sox doesn’t prove it’s about the players then I don’t know what does. First the Sean McAdam rips on Joe Maddon for making a pitching rotation change (which didn’t turn out to be the problem), then I hear media members praise Francona following the win.

What a genius Francona was to put Jonathan Papelbon into the game in the 7th to keep it at a 5-0 margin. First of all, I don’t know which manager wouldn’t put his best available arm into the ballgame when his team is down five in the final game of the season — Joe Torre similarly had all hands on deck in Game 5 against the Phillies the day before. Secondly, Papelbon wasn’t flawless giving up a two-run double to B.J. Upton. And most importantly, it doesn’t matter what moves the manager makes if the team isn’t hitting. Seriously, like what did Terry Francona really do that was so special? Did he give David Ortiz the sign for “home run” in the 7th? Did he do the same with J.D. Drew? This guy is really just along for the ride. I still say the Rays in six, regardless of Boston’s recent history of comebacks. Don’t get me wrong though; I loved finally having an exciting game to watch and I’d love to see another one in Game 6.

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