Umpire Jerry Meals badly blows Mark Teixeira call at first (Picture)

The Yankees-Orioles game ended in controversy Saturday thanks to a badly blown call by umpire Jerry Meals that cost the Yankees the game.

Mark Teixeira was up in the 9th inning with one out and the Yankees trailing the Orioles 5-4. Teixeira grounded a ball to second with men on the corners, and the Orioles attempted to turn two. They got Nick Swisher out with a force at second, and then J.J. Hardy threw to first to try and get Teixeira on the double play. Even though Teixeira clearly beat the throw, he was called out by Jerry Meals to end the game.

Had Teixeira rightfully been called safe, Chris Dickerson crossing home would have counted as a run to tie the game at 5. The Yankees would have had Alex Rodriguez up with two outs, a man on first, and the game tied 5-5. Even if A-Rod made the last out of the inning, the game would still have continued to the bottom of the 9th tied.

Below is a video of the play:

The botched call was extremely costly for New York. The team is in a race for first with the Orioles, and the loss left the teams tied atop the AL East with 78-61 records.

“You hate to lose a game that way, but he missed it,” said Yankees Manager Joe Girardi.

Yes he did.

Mark Teixeira, who was playing with a tight calf and is likely to miss a few games because of it, questioned Meals’ motives.

“Sometimes you wonder if the umpires are trying to get out of there,” he said after the game, per Brian Hoch. “They don’t want you to make a comeback, they want to go home.”

Catcher Russell Martin have even harsher words for the umps.

“I didn’t really feel like we lost the game, I feel like we got cheated out of it,” he said.

As bad as a call as this was, it’s actually not the most egregious error we’ve seen from Meals. This horrible call last year was.

Thanks to Jimmy Traina for the pic and tip

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  • dejavutoyou

    Shades of Jeffrey Myer

  • Saundra Stebbing

    Being a student of Yankee/Oriole games for years, it goes without saying that the Yankees have always had immense favor in calls by the umpires.  (Let’s not forget that horrendous call in the 9th inning that would have preserved a win for the Orioles and entrance to the Championship Series.  The Yankees are starting to get bad breaks.  It’s all part of the game and, “What goes around, comes around.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2ZJNT7CLUTD4AXPOZX2MWH3WUQ Harry

    Russell Martin feels like he got cheated last night…sort of how I felt earlier in the series when Pedro Strop struck him out after 4 pitches…only the clown calling balls and strikes couldn’t see that strike two bisected home plate…Its about time the terrible umpiring that we’ve been forced to endure for years came back and bit someody else in the rear! In addition, that call only prevented the Yankees from tying the game. If memory serves me right, the last time they tied up a game late, we ended up spanking them pretty good in the bottom of the inning! This weekend will be perfect when we run you clowns out of town in 2nd place, and if there is a God maybe one of your superstars will catch a fastball in the ear as a little bit of payback for what CC Slob-athia did to Nick Markakis last night!! You goofs better get use to looking up at Baltimore and Tampa Bay in the standings! In closing, I wouldn’t want you to think I’m completely biased…I do think the Yankees have a better team than the Red Sox.  

  • bbobc29ch

    When you look at this call, as well as the ones noted in the comment above, you have to wonder; Are baseball umpires that incompetent? Or are they cheating?  Did they bet on the game? or does baseball higherups want to have a team like Baltimore make the playoffs for the “Cinderella” effect?  In any case the game is going donwhill because of umpire calls and the Commishioner does’t care.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3ZP56YMUB7ME776QLKT3CHBP6U AlexK

    There is only one explanation for a call which was ‘blown’ as badly as this one – This Ump was bought AND paid for.  A profesional Umpire with years in the game has no excuse for blowing a call that was five feet off the mark.  He is dirty – pure and simple.

  • deddy753

    Harry I couldn’t agree with you more.  I have been a oriole all my life and I have seen calls go the wrong way many times through the years.  Maybe the oriole fans should make the umpire a hero like the new york fans did with Jeffery Mayer back in 97 playoffs.

  • casualfan

    I wonder if the call had gone for the Yankees instead of Orioles if this much would have been made about it?  Most of all, we are seeing a photograph from one angle in the comfort of our living rooms. We are not seeing going at 30 mph hours with 50,000 cheering fans at 10:00 in the evening. 

  • shrgngatlas

    Sorry, blown calls are always going to happen. I can tell you from experience that the two hardest calls to get at first base are pitcher covering where he catches the ball before he gets to the base (Armondo Galarraga anyone?), and the play were the runner dives to the base. The reason is that umpires are used to watching for the foot to hit the base and listening for the sound of the ball hitting the glove. When you have to judge between two feet hitting the bag or a sliding body on the dirt with the sound of the ball, it’s easy for the signals to get messed up in the brain and the wrong call result. Don’t be so quick to criticize unless you’ve actually umpired high school or higher baseball yourself.

  • TomRenda

    Definitely payback for Sabathia’s gangster assault on Markakis.

    (Does he carry a firearm out there to the mound?)

    But the ultimate payback was, Teixeira reinjured himself ON THIS VERY PLAY.  He’s out for the season.

    So we are even up with the Bronk Zoo on players lost for the season.

    But WE got the game.

    (And got a really good laugh in the process.)