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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wrigley Field Concession Stands Had Pretty Nasty Food Conditions

I don’t know about you, but if an eatery has anything less than an A rating when it comes to health inspections, I’m headed elsewhere. If you’re the same way, you would probably be grossed out by the condition of the food concessions at Wrigley Field.

A recent inspection report from Wrigley Field showed that 20 critical violations were found at nine of the 35 concessions stands. Many of the problems were related to keeping the food at low temperatures. According to the investigation report, more than 24 pounds of hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers had to be thrown out from five different concession areas.

You ready for some real nastiness? At one concession stand, city inspectors reportedly found black slime in the ice machine. Try not to regurgitate your lunch.

The big reason all the violations were found is because the investigation took place on game day rather than an off day. As someone who attends ballgames, I’m glad the inspectors made the change. Who wants to eat at a place that would receive an “F” rating?

Wrigley Field isn’t the first stadium to have poor eatery conditions, but hopefully all the problems have been addressed. Rooting for the Cubs is enough to give one a stomach ache; no need for the food to do the same.

Thanks to The Postgame for the story

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