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Monday, April 23, 2018

Allen Iverson: Taking Care of His Daughter or Partying?

Allen Iverson has been quite the enigma this season. After taking forever to sign with a team, Iverson joined the Grizzlies but was unhappy with his role. He and the Grizzlies worked out a release and Iverson declared he wanted to spend more time with his family. That was until the 76ers told him they would take him back, at which point basketball took more of a precedence than family. But then Iverson’s daughter got sick and Iverson started missing games, including the All-Star game — as improbable as that was. He played in the first three games after the break but then proceeded to miss the next four including Monday night’s home game against the Magic. Considering Iverson’s back-and-forth behavior, it’s hard to believe that taking care of his daughter is the sole reason for his hiatus. After all, he apparently found the time to host a massive party in Charlotte this weekend:

Things just don’t seem to be adding up to me. Given the way Iverson’s tenure in Detroit played out (he ended the season with a “back injury” but really agreed to just go away because he was unhappy with his role), I’m pretty skeptical. I don’t doubt that his daughter is sick and that he’s taking care of her, but I’m guessing he’d find time to continue playing with the 76ers if there weren’t something wrong in Philly. Something must be up there, I’m not sure what, but something must not be working out.

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