Andrew Bynum Caught Parking in Handicap Spot, Real Fool is ‘Reporter’ Joel Grover

Of all legal infractions athletes commit — we’re talking sexual assault, spousal abuse, DUI, and weapons possession — parking in a handicap spot is about the lowest on the rung of offenses. Don’t get me wrong here, I think it’s indecent to park in a handicap spot if you don’t have a placard, but that’s more immoral than it is harmful.

When Lakers center Andrew Bynum was busted for taking up two handicap parking spots while going shopping (picture above via NBC LA), we found it amusing. This is the same guy who rehabbed a knee injury by partying at the Playboy Mansion, and the same guy who delayed his knee surgery to attend the World Cup. It’s not as if he’s demonstrated sound judgment in the past.

While we don’t condone misuse of handicap parking spots, we also don’t consider it akin to double homicide the way “investigative reporter” Joel Grover does for NBC LA. Seriously, this guy has issues.

This Joel Grover character must be fairly new on the reporter beat because he thinks handicap parking violations are the most reprehensible crime in the world. After obtaining top secret footage! and exclusive pictures! of Bynum’s unlawful behavior, Grover went to Bynum’s house to try and catch him in camera in a “gotcha” moment (see the report here). Let’s think about this one for a sec. Who’s the bigger idiot here, the guy who misused a handicap spot, or the dude chasing down the “story” as if he saw Bynum strangle four innocent midgets?

As if his joke of an “inside report” isn’t embarrassing enough, Grover tossed in these salacious tweets to hype up his wannabe story. Ready for this?

Famous celebrity caught on camera allegedly breaking the law. I’ve got the pictures. Finishing my research, hoping to break story tomorrow.”

Sports Superstar slams car door in my face, as I try to get comment on his alleged lawbreaking. Hoping to break this story within hours.”

Yes, Joel Grover was “breaking a story” about Andrew Bynum needing to pay a $353 fine. Hey Grover, go play hall monitor on someone else’s time. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

Oh, and NBC, we’re in a recession and you’re paying this guy to chase Bynum down at his house for a handicap spot? If you have that much money why not throw me on the payroll. I could use the side dough.

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  • Gene

    I agree that Joel Grover was overzealous in his pursuit of Bynum and his description of this violation.

    However, I believe that Bynum could have, and should have parked in the proper parking space since there were plenty of them around.  Note that he actually took up two handicapped spaces instead of one.  Couple it with Bynum’s cdheap shot at Barrea in the final moments of the Laker series loss to Dallas and you have an arrogant person who feels he is well above the law (no pun intended).  You needed to hold Bynum more accountable than Grover and you failed to do so.

  • K g

    Really Larry?
    There are about 8 empty regular spots 20 feet away. I have a handicap cousin that has a hard time getting in and out of her car and into her wheelchair. I don’t see his wheel chair. You should think about others before you write your articles.