Brandon iRoy! Greatest Promotion Ever

I happened to be watching some of the Blazers/Heat game Friday night on ESPN that Portland won, handing Miami it’s 12th straight loss. At one point, they cut to Ric Bucher who was working the sidelines for a report. Bucher proceeded to tell us about one of the best promotion efforts by a team that I’ve ever seen. According to Bucher, the Blazers are sending out an iPod with Brandon Roy’s face on it — the iRoy — to promote his case for the All-Star game. They have sent the iRoy out to all the NBA coaches, and I believe Bucher added that they’ll be sending it out to other people voting for the game as well.

While Roy certainly has competition in the Western Conference to make the All-Star team, he certainly deserves it. He might not command the same attention in terms of name value as Kobe, Iverson, Nash, and T-Mac, but he certainly has proved to be every bit as valuable as any of them. The Blazers are leading their division — one that has Denver and Utah in it — and that’s without Greg Oden. What they’ve done this year has been nothing short of astonishing, and Roy has been a huge catalyst for them. His numbers don’t speak as loudly as his competitors, but his team is leading most of them in the category that counts — wins — and he’s a big reason why. I’d vote for Roy and I don’t even need an iRoy to be convinced. (though it wouldn’t hurt).

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  • SpinMax

    If you’re voted into the all-star game but nobody watches, did it really happen?

  • http://pointguardu.com NICK

    Still not as cool as the Brandon Roy Leatherman

  • Gene

    Great promotional idea, and very necessary when you play in Portland in relative obscurity and there are so many great guards in the NBA Western Conference.

    I think Roy’s contributions and leadership go far beyond the raw statistics and he is chiefly responsible for Portland’s amazing turnaround and subsequent success.

  • http://zachls.blogspot.com The Big Picture

    shit, i need one of these! it’ll go nicely in my B-Roy shrine.

  • Tim

    It’s all about Steve Blake. Vote him to the all-star game.

  • Jeff

    Is it ironic that a team owned by Paul Allen who made his billions at Microsoft are using an Apple product to promote a player?

  • Renee Berkeley

    The B-Roy story is a great example of why the NBA should require four years of college and/or a college degree to enter.

    The only reason I follow the Blazers is because I loved watching B-Roy play in college. I know that’s at least one other poster’s reason; seems like the NBA would get a ton more press and better quality basketball if they required either four years of college, or a degree, to play.

    Only getting a degree is an option because some people do finish their collegiate work in three years; I thought Spencer Hawes was a terrific candidate for that.

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  • http://www.hypertextbox.com hun

    where do you get it?