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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Caron Butler Hits Shot from Behind the Basket (Video)

When it came to the Clippers, most of the excitement during the abbreviated NBA offseason centered around the acquisition of Chris Paul.  Paul is expected to turn Los Angeles into Lob City, so the buzz is completely warranted.  However, it has also caused the Caron Butler signing to fly under the radar.  Like his extremely acrobatic new teammates, Butler is also very capable of creating big plays.  Take, for example, the rainbow shot he made from behind the basket against the Warriors on Christmas Day.

Count it, and the foul.  A shot like that is impressive enough in itself, let alone making it after getting fouled.  Between this and LeBron and D-Wade’s double alley-oop, we could be in for a pretty exciting — albeit shortened — NBA season.

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