Chicago Bulls fans cheer after LeBron James appears to be hurt (Video)

LeBron James hurtChicago Bulls fans did not have their finest moment on Thursday night.

Midway through the fourth quarter of the Miami Heat’s 86-67 win over the Bulls, Chicago guard Nate Robinson ran into LeBron James to stop the Heat forward from getting an easy fastbreak basket. James began limping after the play, which triggered cheers from several fans at the United Center.

TNT announcers Kevin Harlan and Steve Kerr immediately got on the Bulls fans for cheering. Harlan called it an “ugly moment” for Bulls fans. Kerr even compared the poor display to Philadelphia Eagles fans infamously cheering while Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin lay motionless with a neck injury.

The cheers didn’t last for longer than a few seconds, but that was enough for many people to express disappointment with Bulls fans.

Bulls fans were ticked off when Philadelphia 76ers fans cheered after Joakim Noah got hurt, but it turns out that some of them aren’t much different from Philly fans.

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  • Tim

    I was at the game.  I cheered when I thought he was hurt.  Heat fans could use the humbling experience of having their superstar go down for a while

  • http://twitter.com/abdallaha92 Abdallah Awwad

    thats not right dude, you make the rest of us look bad. thats not chicago basketball go to philly or some place else. 

  • Carlos Figueredo

    I agree, Im from Miami Myself and wouldnt want any player to get injured in any sport, its called “sportsmanship” 

  • http://www.facebook.com/hubert.cumberdale.94 Hubert Cumberdale

    good because I cheered when Rose hurt his knee and was cost the Bulls the season and we spanked your asses in the playoffs, bahahahahaha, humble that

  • basketballtalk

    this is the most disgusting thing ive ever heard anyone say. the way u describe it as a humbling experience is so creepy/evil. it’s people like you that hold back the human race. sad.

  • Gene

    Not only did they cheer the injury, but it came from a very borderline cheap shot on a breakaway layup attempt.  I believe the fans thought they were at a Blackhawks game and acted accordingly.

  • Gene

     Are you sure you aren’t talking about a Flyers game from the 1970’s-1980’s era when they were the Broad Street Bullies?  Cheap shots do not belong in any sport, but especially basketball. 

  • Rob Nabakowski

    So, Tim, thanks for admitting that you’re an asshole.  It’s great when people self identify.

  • Jesus Christ

    I’ll hold my applause until LeBaron shatters his kneecaps. If only there is a God.
    And Miami fans suck!