Chris Paul toys with Jeremy Lin (Video)

Chris Paul Jeremy LinChris Paul just abused Jeremy Lin on Monday night during the Houston Rockets-Los Angeles Clippers game in LA.

On one possession in the third quarter, CP3 broke out all the tricks on Lin. He went behind his back, then to the stutter step, then between his legs, then past him for a layup. Talk about getting worked. That was just unfair.

Earlier in the quarter, CP3 caught a pass by the three-point line and switched direction, causing Lin to slip.

Wait a second, did you say you want more? Here’s CP3 just doing more mean things to Lin:

And here’s CP3 spinning Lin into a screen in the second quarter:

Paul was on point during the game. He had 14 assists and only one turnover midway through the fourth quarter.

GIFs via @cjzero

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  • eddie1234

    Chris Paul is the number one guard in the NBA. Jeremy Lin scored 14 points on him by just taking 8 shots. No bad – huh!

  • Jason

    wowwww, this article is pathetic

    here’s an overview of the game from someone who watched it:
    Harden cost the rockets any chance of winning (all houston fans agree on this)
    CP3 played well, and also as he’s prone to do he screamed and yelled every time someone laid one finger on him, and got 3 BS calls on Lin early on (two of them were literally no contact)
    The video you show that is supposedly a clip of paul “abusing” lin is actually lin playing decent D considering he had 4 fouls already and couldn’t risk getting his 5th
    There is nothing to take away from cp3’s game; sure, I find it annoying that he gets phantom calls and that he’s a flopper, but there is no arguing that he is the most skilled pg in the game. Lin played acceptable D on him this game, and that’s that. There’s NO reason you should have put up this article except that you know Lin is a hot ticket when it comes to searches and you get hits when you put up links with him. Pathetic
    It really sucks that idiots like you have a place to “write” these stupid “articles”. Good thing smart people online now know where to go and write truth so that others can see it- the comment section

  • justiceseeker

    totally agree with Jason. Is there quality control on who can put stuff out? Larry Brown just didn’t watch the game well and totally biased.

  • concernedAmerican

    Jason, this is a fair feedback you have provided to this article. It’s interesting that the author only focused on the videos which would make Jeremy look bad.

    CP is the best guard no question, but he did not have that great of a game when Jeremy was guarding him.

  • Jason

    Appreciate the comment. Yeah, I’m guessing the author just wants hits b/c he knows that Lin’s a popular and controversial player

  • d@rrrrrrrrrddddrrrrrrrrrrr.com

    even after all the cherry picking by the author still didnt see anything that doesnt happen every night at the NBA…perhaps the article should be renamed Larry Brown abuses and toys with Jeremy Lin…u probably get more hits…

  • chekhov chek

    all of those plays jlin had to fight through screens. this guy who wrote this is a moron. who doesn’t understand how a screen works. lin was not the issue total defense was a problem as well as hardin not playing defense.

  • john smith

    Chery picking? Clearly this is just for hits. Larry Brown, why don’t you actually do some real journalism. Lin actually did well compared to the rest of the team. He didn’t get much help. CP3 is number one, hes going to get his no matter who is playing.

  • Joe Chan

    I was at the game. CP3 schooled Lin on a few plays but Lin was also in early foul trouble because of some bogus calls. Rockets team and perimeter defense was horrible.

    That second gif where CP3 is supposedly doing mean things to Lin, Lin’s D was fine – he stayed on CP3 and forced the kickout. If Harden hadn’t left Reddick wide open, CP3 would have had nowhere to go.

    Lin got his ankles broken good but look at the Rockets perimeter D in the other 2 gifs. Harden leaving Reddick open, Parsons leaving Crawford open, these guys are shooters, what were they thinking?

  • Firmandhika

    another lin article and zero mention for Harden horrible D and play… even mchale knew that and not let him play at last quarter….

  • concernedAmerican

    Larry Brown, did you steal this article from CBS web site? Why don’t you write your own article about James Harden being a defense liability the next time alright?

  • stevenweinberg33

    Waste of internet bandwidth. Why don’t you put up videos of the phantom fouls on Lin that benefited CP3? Where are the videos of Lin’s 14 and 8 against the best PG in the world?

  • Tim Yeung

    JJ Reddick scored more points by himself in the first quarter then all the Rockets starters combined, and the media tries to focus on Lin instead . . .