Cleveland Radio Host Cherise Navidad to Name Son Dirk After Mavs Win

First thing’s first: Cherise Navidad?  Is that a stage name?  Navidad is the host of a Saturday night radio show on Cleveland’s Q104, and if I hadn’t taken four-plus years of Spanish before college I would probably think someone was wishing me a merry Christmas every time I heard her say, “you’re back with Cherise Navidad on Q104…”

Like so many other Clevelanders and fans all across America, Navidad was blown away by how arrogant LeBron James was in leaving Cleveland via “The Decision.”  She took it one step further.  Navidad was so desperate for someone to make sure LeBron didn’t win a title that she made a promise on Twitter to name her unborn son “Dirk” if the Mavericks were able to stop Miami.  We all know how that turned out.  More specifically, we all know how dominant Dirk was along the way.

According to the NY Daily News, Navidad is going to cash in on her promise.  She said it was her job to name their first son which means it is her husbands turn this time around, but Dirk will be used as the child’s middle name if necessary.

“When you want someone to beat LeBron so badly, you will do anything,” Navidad explained. “(I’ll tell my son) exactly that this is how silly your mom is. This is what we did, and Twitter is a binding contract.”

With the way Nowitzki played in the postseason, I might legally switch my own name to Dirk.

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  • marielle dube

    Not much comments on your blog today Larry….  :)
    LOL  Thats what happen when you start “block” certain comment that you dont like,or when you block a poster cuz you dont agree with his opinion…

  • Anonymous

    People need to get lives! Instead of hating an immature brat like Lebron, why not ask why your city is such an armpit? Fix up Cleveland before expecting elite athletes to pledge allegiance to it.

  • Anonymous

    Like Jesus,will you get over it Cleveland. Lebron EARNED his free agency after putting you guys on the map and giving you seven great years of basketball. This is AMERICA! One has a right to choose where one wants to live and work crybabies! As well who did LeBron have surrounding him talent wise? Shaq? You and that REDNECK owner of yours need to stop whining about it! He chose to go as a earned free agent to a team that he felt gave him the best opportunity for a championship. In Cleveland he didn’t have all that great talent around him,like %46 shooters! Like I was told in the army “you are only as strong as your weakest link”!