Clippers announcer stunned to hear J.J. Barea is dating Miss Universe (Video)

There’s a saying to describe guys who overachieved to land their girlfriends, and it’s called “outkicking your coverage.” It’s not too common in the regular world, but it’s a pretty normal thing in the athlete world where hot women are sometimes willing to sacrifice looks for guys who have money and status.

With that concept in mind, we’re not saying Timberwolves guard J.J. Barea is an unattractive man, but he certainly outkicked his coverage to land former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera. Barea confirmed last year the two are dating, and they even have a child together.

The entire scenario was all too shocking for Clippers announcer Ralph Lawler, who was nothing short of stunned to learn of the development, even letting out a classic line “I’ll bet he enjoyed the All-Star break.”

We completely understand where you’re coming from, Ralph. On the court, Barea looks like a little squirt coming off the bench. But the guy is a good basketball player, and he’s treated like a celebrity in Puerto Rico, where both he and Rivera are from.

On behalf of Ralph, we’ll say this: Well done, J.J., well done.

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  • Rennie Ramirez

    Not as surprising as you may think. JJ Barea is extremely popular on the island (Puerto Rico)… any move he makes is news. This, along with being a good public speaker and all around “good guy” makes him a popular choice for puertorican women… which Zuleyka is.

  • Anonymous

    It is so any surprise for the dating with Miss Universe.I think that he is so Crazy and fun to dating with his own Miss Universe.

  • R.e. Lora

    idiot announcer. Why? just because he’s not a fan favorite in the nba and probably some other reason the stupid announcer was thinking, makes him not fit to be the bf/husband of a ms. universe??? idiot clipper announcer!

  • Van Basten

    Kind of messed up. JJ is a normal looking dude, he isn’t ugly.

  • King

    A great looking woman is attracted to a guy with lots of money. What a shocker! And some people think prostitution is illegal. LOL!!

  • Hurry Up & Buy Nigga!

    Jose Juan Barrea…. He is “Juan” lucky guy…

    LMAO Ralph Lawler.. Love that guy..