Delonte West throws shade at LeBron over Twitter – UPDATE fake account

LeBron James Delonte West

UPDATE: Delonte West’s sister informs us that this tweet came from a fake account. She says Delonte no longer uses any social media accounts.

Below is the tweet sent from the fake account.

The account has over 7k followers, including several pro athletes and notable journalists, which had us convinced it was real when it isn’t.

Delonte is currently playing in the NBA summer league with the Clippers after a two-year absence from the NBA.

We apologize for the error and to Delonte for involving his name in this.

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  • That boy got hands!

    This dude is such an idiot..He doesn’t belong in the NBA or any other professional sport for that matter..

  • jam

    Did you read the article?

  • That boy got hands!

    In fact I did..what point are you trying to prove?

  • That boy got hands!

    It was updated..that wasn’t there when I originally commented on this article…