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Friday, January 19, 2018

DeMarcus Cousins flips out on referee during ejection (Video)

DeMarcus Cousins has done it again.

Cousins was ejected from Tuesday’s Houston Rockets-Sacramento Kings game during the third quarter after blowing up on referee Courtney Kirkland. Cousins was upset about being called for a foul on Dwight Howard. He then received a technical foul after complaining while Howard was at the line.

Kings coach Michael Malone went in to argue with Kirkland, and Cousins jolted up from his seat on the bench and blew up on Kirkland. Boogie had to be restrained by Sacramento’s coaches but could be seen dropping a massive f-bomb on the ref.

DeMarcus Cousins referee

He received a second technical foul for his outburst, which dictated an automatic ejection.

Cousins now has a league-leading 15 technical fouls on the season. One more will trigger an automatic 1-game suspension. Does any of this surprise you?

Video via @cjzero

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