Did Gilbert Arenas Fake a Knee Injury to Help Nick Young or Was He Joking?

After stonewalling the media at the onset of training camp, it looks like the player formerly known as Agent Zero is regaining some of his personality. Gilbert Arenas did not play in Tuesday’s preseason game for the Wizards because of a knee injury. After the game, he told reporters that he planned to sacrifice playing time to give teammate Nick Young a chance to play. The plan worked, as Young tossed in 24 points and may have reminded the coaches what he can do. The interesting part of the story was pointed out by Matt Moore, who explained Arenas was smiling and laughing when he told reporters what happened. Truth About it has a video for you to judge:

Gil was smiling and laughing, but I think that’s because he was proud of himself for coming up with the plan and seeing it work. If he pulled something like this in the regular season when games matter, I think that would have been a problem. In the preseason, it was a nice gesture for one of his teammates. His only mistake was talking about it publicly because now he’ll probably have to answer to his coaches and the front office who likely won’t be able to trust him when he complains about injuries in the future.

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  • Anonymous

    I didn’t take long for him to lose the professional approach and resort to the buffoon he really is.

  • Gene

    I like Gilbert Arenas, but enough is enough. He had no business getting involved in the coaching staff’s evaluation of Nick Young. Indeed, with Agent Zero missing so many games last year, the coaches had plenty of opportunities to see what Nick Young had to offer. So did opponents’ executives and coaches for that matter. If anyone thought he was worthy of starting or getting more playing time, deals could have been made.

    Gilbert would be better served by showing the league that he has grown up and would be an asset to some team in the NBA, including his own. Yes, with his new contract he is set for life, but that is no reason to be complacent when his legacy is at stake.