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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dwight Howard takes out newspaper ad, says he loves Orlando (Picture)

Dwight Howard seems to be making an attempt to repair his relationship with Orlando fans. The All-NBA center took out an ad in Sunday’s Orlando Sentinel to profess his love for the city.

Here’s the text of his message:

“To play the game of basketball in the NBA is a blessing and to have had the opportunity to play before the Orlando fans for eight years was truly a privilege and an honor.

“Words cannot express the love that I have for Orlando. With your support we have done great things in this city from hanging banners to impacting our youth.

“Although my career with the Magic has come to a close, my love for the city and the people that make it beautiful will never end.”

I’m not sure which is phonier: this, or the Dwight Howard “loyalty” shirt the NBA Store was selling. I know Dwight is preoccupied with trying to be loved by everyone, but he received some poor P.R. advice with this one (what else is new?). Howard demanded a trade from the Magic and put the fans through a miserable year. This was way too early for him to try and patch things up. He needs to stop worrying about trying to make everyone love him; it’s not going to happen.

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