Dwight Howard, Robin Lopez both get technicals for Howard being a baby (GIFs)


If Game 1 was any indication, the opening round playoff series between the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers could be one of the best of the postseason. The Blazers came away with a 122-120 overtime victory on Sunday in a game that got very chippy at times, especially between Dwight Howard and Robin Lopez.

Lopez and Howard battled in the low post throughout most of the night. Howard finished with 15 rebounds and 27 points while Lopez had eight boards and scored six. Late in the second quarter, Howard was called for a loose ball foul while the two were fighting for a rebound. He was then given a technical foul after he appeared to intentionally drop the ball on Lopez.

It didn’t end there. The Rockets were very fortunate Howard was not given his second technical and ejected from the game in the fourth quarter when he blatantly elbowed Lopez in the midsection after a whistle.

Instead of Howard picking up another tech, Lopez was slapped with a technical for jawing at Dwight. As you can see, he had every right to be upset.

And that was only Game 1. It can only get more spirited from here.

Thanks to Ben Golliver for sharing the GIFs (Here and here)

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  • SpinMax

    after watching the 30 for 30 bad boys….damn I miss that brand of basketball

  • Matt

    ^That makes one of us, haha. To me that wasn’t basketball at all but to each their own. As for this article, spot on! It was frustrating to watch/listen while Chris Webber ignored things like the elbow (which looked WAY worse than this gif shows), the obvious travel and the ghost fouls on anyone w/i 3 feet of Howard yet protested when Howard finally did get called on a coin-flip call for his 6th. He got 5 “gifts” from the ref’s for every foul they called on him. That’s not even mentioning the several times Lin and Harden weren’t touched but ended up at the line.