Dirty Dwyane Wade kicks Ramon Sessions in groin (Video)

dwyane-wade-ramon-sessionsDwyane Wade may be the sneakiest dirty player in the NBA. Wade has a clean-cut image that obscures how unsportsmanlike he behaves on the court.

Wade doesn’t just do what he can to win; he will actually injure an opponent if he has to. We’ve seen that time and time again. His actions on Wednesday were just the latest in an alarming pattern of dirty plays he’s committed.

During the Heat-Bobcats game on Wednesday, Wade kicked Charlotte guard Ramon Sessions in the groin for absolutely no reason:

Don’t even try to tell me that was accidental. Wade did it intentionally probably figuring he could get away with it — and he did. He was not called for a foul.

“I thought he did it on purpose,” Sessions said after the game.

What’s scary is that Wade pulls this type of move constantly. Remember Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals in 2011 when Wade pulled down Rajon Rondo, resulting in a dislocated elbow?

Or what about last season’s Eastern Conference Semifinals when Wade trucked Darren Collison from behind on a fast break?

Or how about when Wade laid into Rip Hamilton in April, pushing the Bulls guard with full force:

Still not convinced? Wade gave Kobe a broken nose and mild concussion during the All-Star Game with this dirty foul:

Dwyane Wade is definitely the dirtiest player in the NBA that nobody talks about. I don’t care how much money he pays his publicists to get him phony awards like “Father of the Year,” or how fashionable he fancies himself. He must be doing all that as a cover-up. I think these five videos tell you a lot more about him than any of that other garbage. He’s such a good player, it’s a real shame he has to stoop to this level.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Johnson/100000817236143 David Johnson

    Great post!!

  • SpinMax

    This has the feel of one of my old calls to jorge sedano

  • mike22122

    great story i never realized this either

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000792524189 Dereck Johnson

    I love D-Wade!!!!!

  • Sinner777

    LOL at Larry Brown you must be desperate to come up with something like this. You actually took the time to review who knows how many games even an allstar game that doesnt count just to come up with this attention getter? WOW your almost done with your carrier kiddo. If you put every single player under the microscope you will find dirt in every one of their games. the fact that you actually woke up this morning and put this together tells many people your at the end of your rope. This sucks balls Larry. Those of you who say it’s amazing or great post must not like the Heat/Wade or your probably some of Larrys staff or friends. Either way Im horrible myself for spending my time on this. Take care LB come up with something more substantial and maybe redeem yourself.

  • Sinner777

    Apoligize for repost

  • Brian Epstein

    You could put together 5 videos like that for most any player in the NBA. None of those were flagrant 2 ejections, and most of he time they are in response to something the other player did such as throwing a “space” elbow etc. Wade is a tough aggressive player that anyone would love to have on their team

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZFR2WKWXBYERKQDW2DQ6OIC6A Anthony

    Look at how many times he gets knocked to the floor especially when he started in the league.  That is the problem with no harm no foul.  If you look at the Collison foul he himself was just fouled at the other end first and there was no call.  The problem is with the refs. They should call everything they see and stop using their own discretion.  How can you tell the degree of a foul unless you are the one being fouled.  That is what the refs call in the nba.  The worst is when they call themselves trying to clean up a game because they let it get too physical.  Call the game right all the time and all this nonsense stops and fans get to see real basketball on both ends of the floor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/samuel.williams.7399 Samuel Williams

    It’s funny how 1 play all of a sudden makes one player dirty. It’s also funny how this article was written by someone who wouldn’t even have made this article exist if it was somebody else who did it. This article was obviously written by someone who hates the Heat with a passion and tries to post videos trying to convince people that Wade is the dirtiest player of all time when 3 out of the 5 videos you posted doesn’t validate anything. Rondo dislocated his own elbow by pulling Wade down with him by the waist, Dwyane breaking Kobe’s nose was clearly an accident, and Dwyane shoving Rip was out of retaliation. Stop making articles about things that you never would’ve written about 20-30 years ago. It’s aggressive basketball. It’s people like you who’s making the league as soft as it’s even been.

  • TV63

    Finally, he gets the recognition he deserves. He is the dirtiest NBA player and continues to get away with it.  If he can’t beat them with his BB skills then injure the hell out of them. Broke Kobe’s nose, Broke Rondo’s elbow, gave Kyrie Irving a concussion last year when he jumped on his head full force with his knee (out for more than 2 wks) Forgot about Hamilton and Collison. Cheap shots to a stand up guy like Sessions is customary. What do refs do? Well, they just smile and reward him with more free throws which is half of his points in any given game. No sympathy for this guy when karma come back to him in injuries.

  • mike22122

    i really dont think you could take any player and make the same argument, maybe a handful of guys at best

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerome.richardson.140 Jerome Richardson

    Wade has always played in a manner that is borderline dirty, yet a number of posters continue to defend his play.  He is a cheap shot artist without the rep.  One of these young guns will knock him out if he continues to try that gangster nonsense as the season progress’s.  It is what it is!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1602832844 Michiboo Meticulous

    DWade on Session to YOU that looks intentional, but the ref was right there why didnt he see it?  DWade and Rondo – Rondo pulled back DWade from going after the ball. Then DWade hold onto Rondo & pulled him down. In other words, the got tangled up. DWade on Collison… that to me was intentional. DWade on Rip Hamilton. Rip shoved DWade and DWade returned the favour. Just that DWade do it more amusing.  DWade on Kobe. That was a real pretty hard foul on Kobe. Dirty..nah, but hard. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZFR2WKWXBYERKQDW2DQ6OIC6A Anthony

    My feeling is if he is a cheap shot artist it is the league that made him that way.  He has been knocked down a lot and especially before Lebron arrived and there was never any kind of punishment doled out to the ones intentionally fouling him.  What message does that send?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GV37E7AFL6AP2YZN7GAOM3WJIM Will

    LOL Lebron has been the best player in the league and the Heat are a great team.

    But Wade is seriously the dirtiest player that gets away with it. Chris Paul used to be that player, but Wade overtook him by far after last season. They need to start issuing flagrants on that guy. 

    Every star in the league gets fouled and has some non-calls go against them, but no other star in the league “retaliates” the way this guy does. Throwing out cheap shots like he’s some sort of tough guy. I really hope they start suspending him, he might even ruin someones career one day with those shots. (Heat will be fine without him for a couple games).

  • Jay Yelle

    He’s right, though.  Wade is very dirty.  I heard the same crap about Isaiah Thomas for years, choir boy, etc.  Most of the world now knows he was one of the dirtiest of all time, they put a clip show of him sliding his feet all the time to try and get opposing players to break their ankles stepping on it on the way down from a jump shot.  Wade’s rep is growing, we shall see those old time shows on ESPN 20 years from now with Lebron, Kobe, Durant, etc. instead of magic, Barkely, etc. talking about how dirty D-Wade was.  Watch some games.  He does it all the time.  If the refs don’t give him a call, the next player he gets a chance to cheap shot pays the price.  It is all petty b.s. from a superstar player.  When he is just balling, he is one of my favorites but as a Heat fan from Mourning days, I see his crap up close from row five all the time.

  • Jay Yelle

    Hear hear, CP3 not doing it as much because he is on a really good team.  before, when they losses mounted, you could expect someone to pay for his frustration. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.masters.148 Dan Masters

    Back in the day you would have your 12th player on the bench take a hard foul on a player after he delivered a cheap shot like this.  We should get back to that.   The next time DWade went up, he should have landed on his back

  • http://www.facebook.com/harold.lemoine.7 Harold Lemoine

    Keep up the great work D-Wade. Keep
    “stooping” your way to championships LOL!

  • J-PAIN

    You’re the smartest person I’ve seen post on this article

  • J-PAIN

    I was also thinking that was why he fouled Collison. I saw that no-call foul that Jones did on him at the other end. Wade’s expression clearly showed silent anger at that

  • J-PAIN

    That’s probably why he’s slowed down by injuries now

  • Crizo123

    Articles like this really make me laugh. Are you justifying a player being dirty solely upon 5 videos out of the hundreds of games Wade has played? Seriously? The only player to publicly come out and say Wade is dirty is Rajon Rondo – and lord knows Rondo isn’t an angel either. I can get videos for him too. Kobe stated after the foul before the Lakers played Miami that he knew it wasn’t intentional. Find something else better to write about and worth reading. And if YOU ARE going to state that a player is dirty, it’s better to offer an article that is both negative and positive about the player so that the viewers/readers can decide. J/s 

  • gp79

    Steroids make you angry. That’s also probably why his body is breaking down already.

  • Benius

    Wade broke Bryant’s nose. I think Byryant would be breaking a nose or two if he played defense. But as we all know, Bryant refuses to play defense.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7BDEVK5D45RKGXYHILMOC577AU Carmelo


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7BDEVK5D45RKGXYHILMOC577AU Carmelo

    No Crizo123 you do not just show “positive and negative” facts about the player in such an article, you show the readers the truth and let them decide. If you honestly think that Wade’s leg had enough forward momentum to accidentally his Sessions in the groin and everything else is just coincidence then believe that. The evidence of Wade playing dirty at times has and will continue to be there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ernestsmithweddingphotographer Ernest Smith

    I agree

  • S D

    It seems Wade simply doesn’t care about safety of another player: he tackles, throws arms and legs. I don’t think he intentionally kicks in the groin, it would be the lowest behaviour. He should be punished for each such accident. Sure, he gets elbowed himself, like in the case with Rip Hamilton.

  • Faris Badarin

    I’m a huge Wade fan. Not gonna lie, he does pull these moves on purpose but that doesn’t classify him as a dirty player. Hear me out. If you actually watch every game of each of these clips you would see that those plays by Wade are reactions to horrible officiating or being overly aggressive. The Indiana game; its been heavily documented how physical that series was. Before that huge shove on Collison, Wade took a few hits that went uncalled. 
    Bulls game; RIP was elbowing him and hitting Wade on many consecutive plays prior to the shove. Rajon’s elbow; Rajon was being physical, but just like the other incidents, Wade lets him know he can be physical if he wants to play that game and they got tangled up. Did he intentionally dislocate his elbow? It doesn’t take a genius to know that’s wrong, Rajon was pulling him down. Did he intentionally break Kobe’s nose? Come on. The “author” of this article and everyone else should know better. 

    As for Sessions.. it could go both ways. Could be intentional, but if u look closely, Sessions was going straight into Wade surgically repaired knee. A hit like that would result in hyper extension at least, torn ACL at worst. I personally, would’ve reacted by lifting my leg so my knee doesn’t get hurt. But then again, it could be intentional. We’ll never know I guess. But Wade isn’t a dirty player.. Far from it. He just won’t accept anyone trying to be overly physical with him and get away with it. It’s also not a coincidence that Wade didn’t get ejected where anyone might have been. The refs know they’ve done him wrong on several plays. (Collison, RIP)

  • Shady Kid

    Definitely a repeat offender. But Stern likes kissing Wade’s Quagmire like jaw line so nothing will come of him kneeing a player in the groin. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BAP7BQMRJYHQSOBHBE5PZN5JGE joeyjust4u2


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BAP7BQMRJYHQSOBHBE5PZN5JGE joeyjust4u2

    D.Wade and the Heat are my team,whatever goes.LMAO :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M6G4ICYIXTGW347KLHYBFJ5REU lothios p

    The best is always under the spot light! it’s good for a change for someone else to be criticized other then Lebron……..

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.higgens.92 Tom Higgens

    Rondo was not pulling wade down. watch the clip again. Wade holds onto Rondo and LEG WHIPS him.

  • Will89

     I agree, but just because he got a no call on one end means its ok for him to go purposely go foul Collison? No calls happen all the time, that doesn’t mean your gonna go hurt another player because you didn’t get a call your way.

  • 40Glocc

    Does Dirk retaliate like that when he gets calls agains him?

    How about Tim Duncan?

    Durant? Nope.

    Bad calls are no excuse for a superstar to have a hot head and a short temper. This isn’t kindergarten. Despite being in his 30s, Wade still carries himself like a petulant little brat. He had the same disposition in 2006 when he crashed and flak-jacketed his way to a title, he had the same disposition in 2011 when LeBron shrunk away and Wade didn’t have the transcendent ability to take over the team anymore, and he continues to  display the same level of consistent immaturity every time the whistle doesn’t blow exactly his way.

  • Glenn C

     Yep, as great as he is/was,  Wade has always been a flopper and a sneaky dirty player.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OTDYNILTLV3ASO3IA5ZHQ7AAPM Brandon

    One thing is consistent, no matter how overt,  D-Wade is outraged and in disbelief that he can even be called for a foul.   Perceived bad calls are no excuse for vigilante justice or whatever Wade’s self justification is.

  • johntheodore

    This post is ALMOST as stupid as Larry Brown. Yahoo ‘sports’ is where wanna-be writers/hacks spend their time. You’re gonna hold up those losers as validation of your point of view? What a dolt!

  • johntheodore

    DWade is hard nosed and old school, not dirty. You hit him and you’re getting hit back

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460382079 Ben Stacy

    He is human and emotions get the best of people sometimes. You better come up with more than 5 instances to justify dirty player. He’s played a lot of games and he takes the hit and he’ll give it back. #OLDSCHOOL 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J7Q3FCRAB7TSESY6UCAWY66LSU hopkins1952

    Just plain dumb.  All great players have little tricks that were part of the game before people who don’t have talent started complaining about things that they could never possibly do. Wade is so dirty, but he has been injured more than any of the other stars. Why? As much as he has been undercut and run in to, I don’t blame Wade for getting payback. Did you know you can time your elbow, where it is part of the game, but it was done on purpose. How about sliding your foot under a shooters foot, or shoving him down low while he is above the rim.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6TSTUVDDSXOMJ7OIYOKJWVRYCU James Berry

    Huge Difference between Dirty and aggressive!!!!

  • Lee

    In the same game where he took out Rondo. He tried to take out Ray Allen after Rondo left the game. He is not the goody two shoes that he wants all of us to believe he is.

  • rj_hanley

    Gee, obviously I have been wathcfhing a different NBA than everybody else.  I see this kind of play all the time but apparently D. Wade is in a different league so this idiot assumes that he is the only player playig hard.  Grow up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.weglarz Gary M. Weglarz

    Right on the money Larry!  Big ego – big fall as the skills decline.  A little maturity would go a long way for Duane about now. 

  • Scoreme1

    The fact that he broke Kobe’s nose in an All-Star game, in a game that you admit doesn’t count, helps to back up Larry Brown’s point.  It is just a meaningless game, and yet Wade pulled that kind of garbage?  Yeah, do you see the point?

    Moreover, is it somehow a bad thing that Larry Brown would actually know sports well enough to remember the games that he put out there as evidence?  That’s called good journalism.  It is known as having evidence to back up your accusation.  I am sure you would have complained if Brown would not have had the video evidence, because you would likely have just said he was making BS up.

    Wade is scrutinized more just because he is an All-Star, a superstar.  He is one of the better players in the league.  So, it is only natural that people will look at his game play more critically, just as Brown has done.

    You think that it really makes a good argument to say that anybody who says that the article is good just doesn’t like the Heat?  Sorry, Sinner but that’s known as a fallacy.  It is an Ad hominem (circumstantial) fallacy to be precise.  Look it up if you want.  Still, it would be just as bad an argument if someone who didn’t like your post just said you must be Wade’s secret male lover.

    I don’t really care about the Heat, about Wade, or about Brown for that matter.  I can say that I think the Heat are  great team, Wade is a great player, and that Wade is still a dirty player, and that Brown made a legitimate point with evidence to back it up. 

  • Scoreme1

    Ah, so you believe just calling someone stupid is a good response?  Actually take the time to make a valid point.  Samuel Williams at least makes a valid point in Wade’s defence.  But to just badmouth someone and think you are making any point at all is just childish.

  • mike22122

    D-wade gets a 1 game suspension for this i just heard