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Monday, May 21, 2018

Dwyane Wade On a Strict Diet, Loses Five Pounds Per Game

Typically I would be bored by any story that was written strictly about what Dwyane Wade eats.  Some people want to know every single thing about a superstar athlete’s daily routine, but some things are better left unsaid when it comes to a person’s everyday life.  Now that he is getting older, Wade has himself on a strict diet and no longer chows down on junk food whenever he wants.  Good for him, but what we’re really interested in is how on earth he loses five pounds every time he plays a game.

Wade loses about five pounds per game, so his postgame meal tends to be as important – if not more so – than the pregame one. Ingraham tends to keep things simple: chicken breast, turkey breast, that sort of thing. On occasion, he says he’ll make one of Wade’s former favorites as a treat, but for the most part Wade sticks to the better choices.

That excerpt comes from an Associated Press report that outlines D-Wade’s diet and the things he eats — most of which are prepared by his girlfriend Gabrielle Union’s personal chef.  Wade said he tries to eat things like fruits and pasta which provide him with natural sources of energy.  Unfortunately, the story doesn’t go into great detail about how he loses so much weight in a game.

Five pounds in a single game?  You may hate the Heat, but I guess we can’t say D-Wade isn’t a hard worker.

H/T to @jeskeets and @CelticsTown for the story

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