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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ex-Celtics Were Upset over Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame Induction

Dennis Rodman is one of the most controversial players in NBA history. Think about it: this is the same guy who was going to have his jersey retired at a strip club. Naturally, The Worm’s inclusion in Basketball’s Hall of Fame has not come without contention. There are some people like Phil Jackson who feel Rodman’s induction is extremely well-deserved. There are others who argue he doesn’t belong in the Hall. At least two ex-Celtics belong in that category.

Pistons.com writer Keith Langlois describes a conversation he heard in April when the Pistons and Celtics played:

Through an open doorway, less than 15 feet away in the dining room, two prominent ex-Celtics, one a Hall of Famer, were savaging Rodman’s inclusion.

The Hall of Famer was particularly incensed, recalling a game from long ago he watched where the Lakers employed some particular tactic against Rodman, he said, that revealed his shortcomings and rendered him virtually impotent.

They’re not alone in their thoughts. Tex Winter’s son Chris said he was surprised the voters didn’t make Rodman wait another 30 years before being approving him. I’m glad they put him in. Basketball doesn’t have the same ethics clause as baseball. If it did, there would be more of an argument against letting in the Worm. Judging him based on his numbers and playing career, he definitely deserves a spot in Springfield.

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