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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Glen Davis punks rookie Andrew Nicholson over a PB&J sandwich (Video)

Andrew-Nicholson-MagicOrlando Magic rookie Andrew Nicholson got a taste of some rookie hazing recently at the hands of Glen “Big Baby” Davis. The former St. Bonaventure star was simply minding his own business and conducting an interview in the locker room before a game earlier this week when Davis came along and interrupted him. What did Big Baby want? His pregame peanut butter and jelly sandwich, of course.

While I’m assuming Davis was just messing around, Nicholson looked legitimately frightened right when he was called out. There are certain things rookies have to do in the NBA like wear ridiculous backpacks, but it certainly seemed like Nicholson had no idea that he was on PB&J duty before the game. As long as Big Baby didn’t feel the need to drop his pants in frustration, it’s safe to assume this was all fun and games.

Video via Buzzfeed

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