JJ Redick snubbed on handshake by DeMarcus Cousins, has classic reaction

JJ Redick DeMarcus Cousins handshakeDeMarcus Cousins seems to have some sort of a no-handshake policy going for his Sacramento Kings when they play the Los Angeles Clippers.

On Friday night, Clippers guard JJ Redick extended his hand to give Cousins a shake in the first half, and Cousins straight up snubbed him. Redick just gives a classic “what the heck is his problem?” face, which was perfect.

Cousins was called for a loose ball foul when Redick fell to the floor trying to get a rebound, which probably explains why he was in no mood to shake his opponent’s hand.

You may recall that Cousins was at the center of another handshake ordeal with the Clippers last week after he pulled teammate Isaiah Thomas away from Chris Paul after a loss. Where’s Pete Carroll to ask Cousins “what’s your deal?”

Vine video via The Score
Thanks to Arsen D. for the tip

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  • Ryan Silva

    As far as I can tell, it’s only the Clippers Demarcus Cousins snubs. Not suppressing considering the last couple of years of stiff competition (mostly in LAs favor).

    In reality, he will sprint across the court to shake the hands of guys like Duncan, Lamarcus Aldridge, Kobe.

    He’s just picky.

  • Ed P.

    Picky or classless or immature?

  • Johncito

    Not exactly helping his already jackass-level reputation