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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

John Cena and The Rock offer to give LeBron James WWE championship belt

John Cena WWE belt

LeBron James wants a WWE championship belt, and a couple of wrestling stars are willing to hook him up.

LeBron watched his beloved Dallas Cowboys lose to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night 24-22 to end their season. After the game, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, who won the NFL rushing title, had a WWE championship belt on his shoulder to celebrate both of his victories. Seeing the blinging belt inspired LeBron to send this tweet:

Don’t worry, LeBron, John Cena has you covered:

And The Rock one-upped Cena. He says he’ll get LeBron a belt in a day!

This belt business is really catching on. Last season the Phoenix Coyotes began handing out a championship belt to their player of the game. Two years ago the St. Mary’s basketball team wore T-shirts with belts on them. Earlier this month Derek Carr put on a belt after Fresno State won the Mountain West Conference. And, of course, there is Aaron Rodgers, who does the championship belt celebration after touchdowns and put one on after winning the Super Bowl.

It’s all great in terms of promotion for the WWE. And those belts really are slick, too. I think LBS needs one. Can the WWE hook that up?

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