JR Smith: Jeremy Lin’s big contract would bother Knicks players

The Knicks reportedly are not planning to match the contract offer Jeremy Lin has from the Rockets, and that may be wise for more than financial reasons. If the comments from J.R. Smith are any indication, Lin’s contract could be a troubling issue for Knicks players.

“Without a doubt,” Smith told SI’s Sam Amick when asked if Lin’s contract would be a challenge for teammates. “I think some guys take it personal, because they’ve been doing it longer and haven’t received any reward for it yet. I think it’s a tough subject to touch on for a lot of guys.”

Carmelo Anthony may have indicated a similar feeling when he termed Lin’s contract “ridiculous” over the weekend, although we can’t be sure if he was talking about the entire 3-year $25.1 deal, or the $15 million “poison pill” salary Lin will earn in the third year.

Amick also reports that Raymond Felton agreed to sign-and-trade from the Blazers to the Knicks with the understanding that New York was not going to match Houston’s offer for Lin.

Whether or not Lin is worth the contract depends on how he plays over the next few years. I certainly think he can prove he’s worth it. But these comments indicate jealousy over money is a factor in locker rooms, and it probably is an indication that some players were jealous of all the attention Lin got last season.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glenagglenag-Glenag/100002470061462 Glenagglenag Glenag

    jr and melo shut your mouth! you should’t backstab your teamate and talk bad about other player’s contract, mind your own business!

  • Gene

    Anthony should worry about earning his own ridiculous contract.   He may be a great shooter and scorer, but he certainly could never be accused of making his teammates better or playing shutdown defense for a whole game.

  • likeBballing

    Lin should not accept a deal from Knicks if they were to match rockets offer for the mere fact that JR  Smith and Carmelo could publicly make such a remark about a team mate they went to battle with last season. I hope Lin can sign with Houston and come back to Garden and torch them. Knicks days of winning championship are doom.

  • SpinMax

    Every year you have guys sitting at home earning 10million…and they attack this?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JAHXPONJIHQ7MKVJXN32JFEFFA Douglas

    JR Smith and Melo are definitely attention hoggers and are definitely jealous of Lin’s success.

  • deacon007

    Lin’s brittle and not worth a big contract.