LA Times Goes Too Far, Pokes Fun at Paul Pierce for Being Stabbed

There’s nothing wrong with hating a team or a team’s players.  Laker fans have grown to despise Celtic fans over the years and vice-versa.  That will happen when two teams face each other in the NBA Finals 12 times in 40 years.  For the most part, the hatred that accompanies a rivalry like this one brings fun and excitement to the game.  However, an LA Times blog post that was published briefly on Monday morning represented an example of how even writers can get caught up in a heated rivalry and forget that at the end of the day it’s just a game.

LA Times columnist Ted Green got completely carried away in a blog post he wrote on Monday morning.  In his thorough compilation of reasons to hate the Celtics, Green slipped in a comment that poked fun at Paul Pierce for having been stabbed at a night club back in 2000.  Here is what Green said about Pierce, courtesy of The Big Lead:

“By the way, Pierce’s idea of a fun night is going clubbing and getting stabbed. Good times!”

I don’t know if Ted Green forgot his morning coffee or what, but I can’t figure out how he would think that publishing a comment like that is appropriate or funny in any way.  Even if he thinks it’s funny — and that would be pretty disturbing — you’d think he’d have enough common sense to realize that he’s taking things too far by saying something like that. The LA Times certainly realized it was out of line; they edited that line out of the article.  There are plenty of things to make fun of the Celtics’ captain for, and Green hit on a couple when he criticized Pierce for taking flops and being a drama queen.  He could have even taken a shot at his arrogance, which was on display two years ago when he claimed to be the best player in the world.

You don’t have to like Paul Pierce as a player or a person, but you should respect the comeback he made regardless of the team for whom you root.  Pierce was stabbed 11 times in the face, back, and neck and doctors weren’t sure if he was going to live, let alone return to the NBA at the top of his game.  There’s nothing funny about it.  Kevin Garnett is a maniac. Kendrick Perkins is a cry-baby.  The Celtics get away with a lot of fouls.  All are fair points and legitimate reasons to dislike the men in green.  Unfortunately — amidst a somewhat funny compilation of heckling ammunition — Ted Green made one pretty significant mistake.

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  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    Personally, I think it’s more funny that the Lakers have this jerk on their team who was begging to leave town not too long ago. Felt that it was his God-given right to play for a contending, winning team. Conveniently forgetting that he was already a hugely paid professional, part of a TEAM…. a team he should have been working hard to improve and support.

    At the first hint of substandard results, screw the team and his teammates, he wanted out of town on the first private jet to look for a place to suit his own special needs.

    Once he was convinced to return, this incident was largely ignored by the media and fans. He’s special…he’s a winner…he’s Kobe.

    So, how did the NBA set up that Gasol trade?

    No matter how many championships this team wins, all of them are tainted because this pouting piece of lying shit is still in L.A. I root for them to lose every chance I can. I just can’t wait until the next time the Lakers finish under .500 and Kobe begs for a change of scenery.

    Teams win championships…not just you, Kobe. You’ll always be a loser to me.

  • matula

    Pierce is gonna killed them!!! Let’s Go Celtics!!!

  • LLopez

    Yo man …Kobe is a legend..every shot he hits is a blazing dagger into your soul cause u can’t be him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m out like The Celtics in 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    That’s what happens when you lay off all your editors like the LA Times did. Nice